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Valentines Lock & Key Party 2013 - Valentine's in the Vault

Thursday January 17, 2013

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Ah Valentine's Day. One theory has it as a tribute to a martyred saint who performed marriage ceremonies for soldiers (banned from betrothal) and administering to Christians during a particularly brutal period of the Roman Empire.

Now of course, and thanks mainly to Chaucer, it's associated with desperate declarations of love in the form of kitsch heart shaped chocolates, tin plated jewellery from Tesco online and allergic reactions to the synthetic filling of teddy bears. And that's if you're romantically linked to someone.

If you're single, it's more likely to be time to sneer cynically at those gullible fools being manipulated by the hand of global capitalism while secretly crying on the inside from abject loneliness and an overwhelming desire to grab the nearest single and shout: "Seriously!
What is so wrong with me?!"

Okay, so maybe that's a bit over the top, but whatever you need, or even think you need this Valentines, we at Original Dating have the answer:
Valentine's in The Vault.

It's time to bury your cynicism, embrace your singledom and join us in the luxurious surrounds of Adam Street private members club for our annual, and hugely successful, Lock & Key party. Gasp in awe at the vault like bar and club space, giggle flirtatiously with one of the 200 people attending, dance like Nureyev and Fonteyn to Original Dating's favourite live band, indulge in Adam Street's enviable cocktail list and, most importantly, have fun!

And just in case you need a little help to break the ice we have of course, our famous Lock and Key ice breaker. Guys grab 2 keys and girls grab a lock and head out into the cavernous space to find your lock opening match. Once found, come back to us, take a chance with our lucky dip prize draw, grab another lock and key and keep going until all prizes are gone.

Not only are there some great gifts to pick up, the lock and key ice breaker acts as the perfect way to introduce yourself to other singles without fear of being stuck in a corner either on your own, or stuck with someone that perhaps just isn't right for you.

This event is always a sell out and possibly London's best Valentines Party for single folk so make sure you book soon. Bring some friends or come on your own, either way it's a fantastic evening. We look forward to seeing you there.

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