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10 Strange Dating Facts

Friday March 22, 2013

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1) Online Dating Sites – Singles not (always) included

If you’ve ever tried dating online you may have come across some profiles where the relationship status says something other than single – perhaps ‘available’ or ‘in a relationship’.

Far from being an exception, studies have shown the opposite is the case. As a global average only 41% of users on dating sites are actually single!

Add to this the fact that between 13%-25% of profiles are fake and speed dating becomes an even more pleasant option. After all, it's impossible to hide behind a fake profile in real life!

2) Blue is the colour

Guys, if you’re ever stuck for what to wear to a date, particularly a speed date, just make sure it’s blue.

Studies show that women are 18% more likely to be attracted to the colour blue.

And stand up straight! 80% of women base a significant part of their attraction in the first few seconds on how a gentleman holds himself (ahem). No slouching allowed!

3) Many of today’s courting rituals stem from medieval times

While love was not considered a pre-requisite to marriage, particularly in arranged marriages, many suitors reacted. As a result, potential suitors would mimic stage or poetry characters on stage by attempting to woo with flowers and poetry.

4) Progressive scots

The first place in Europe women were allowed to propose marriage was in 1228 in Scotland. Who knew?

5) Glove Love

Just prior to the Victorian era a gentleman interested in a lady would send her a pair of gloves. To signal her interest she would wear them to church the following Sunday.

6) Location, location, location

According to a study by researchers at the University of South Brittany, asking for dates in particular places can significantly increase the rate of success. Potential suitors approached 100s of women between 18-25, said their name, told them they were attractive and asked for their number and suggested a drink later.

Of the 600 women approached, just under 25% gave their number when asked outside a florist. Only 1 in 7 agreed if asked outside a bakery. And only 1 in 10 agreed if asked outside a shoe shop!

7) Speed Dating – A Question of Faith?

Speed dating is based upon a Jewish tradition of chaperoned events for Jewish singles and was invented in Los Angeles by a rabbi in the 1990s.

Modern dating grew from the practice of chaperoned meetings between arranged suitors in the late 19th and early 20th century. As the average age of marriage increased during the 1960’s and 70’s, casual ‘hook ups’ began to replace more traditional dating and courtship.

8) Just a matter of time

After analysing data from 10,000 speed daters, psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania found that the majority of daters make a decision on how attractive a person is within 3 seconds.

Yet most couples wait an average 6-8 months before deciding to embark on an ‘exclusive’ relationship.

9) The Woods Effect

The percentage of men looking for ‘discreet relationships’ on a certain adult matchmaking site dropped by 47.5% immediately after news broke of Tiger Woods’ infidelities.

I’ll never watch golf in quite the same way again.

10) Impatient people do it online

Married couples who first met online get married much sooner than those who meet in person.

The average length of dating before marriage is just 18.5 months compared to a whopping 42 months for those who met offline!

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