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Singles Parties in London Have Evolved

Tuesday June 11, 2013

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The words 'Buddha' and 'Funky' are not two terms you'd normally find sitting comfortably together. Nor would you find the relaxed hedonism represented by one of the best bars and clubs in London sitting well with the tenets of this ancient religion. Throw in a company known for the best singles events in London and it all gets a bit odd.

But let's be serious, what better ways are there to escape the general circle of Samsara that is our daily working lives than by indulging in some of the best cocktails in London in one of the most justifiably famous venues in town.

We're in a great position here at Original Dating that the more indulgent venues are recognising our approach to singles parties in London and clamouring to have us host a singles event within their hallowed walls.

And who are we to deny the single Londoner the combination of joys that are London's best singles events with one of London's best bars – Funky Buddha.

So let's combine the terms 'singles parties' and 'Funky Buddha', add 200 single Londoners split 50:50 men and women, muddle with a free drink and canapés on arrival, sprinkle with a live next day messaging service and serve shaken with some mini speed dating events and voila, London's best singles parties are served, chilled, to you.

There's no set ice breaker, except perhaps a flirtatious tussle over the last spring roll; no pressure, unless you count trying to decide from Funky Buddha's extraordinary list of cocktails, and no need to wonder who it's safe to chat too without upsetting their partner. Just 200 single Londoners willing me to meet, chat, date, drink, eat and indulge.

In business speak, this is a 'game changer'. Singles events in London have changed forever.

So come and join us at Funky Buddha - hang out of celebrities, jet setting VIP's and junior royalty – have a drink on us, nibble daintily on posh nibbles, and see for yourself where singles parties in London are really headed.

Our next Midweek Social Singles Party @ Funky Buddha, Mayfair is taking place on Thursday June 27, click here to find out more!