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Tips for safe dating

Thursday June 26, 2014

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Original Dating have been responsible for thousands dates as a result of people attending our dating events and parties.

Many people that matched at our events have gone on to have relationships and dozens of couples people got married as a result of meeting at one of our events.

Dating events are a very safe place to meet people for the first time. Even so, it's worth being cautious when meet people for the first time outside of our events.

We have compiled the below list of tips to help you get the most out of your date whilst ensuring your own personal safety.

  • When meeting someone for the first time we would always recommend choosing a busy public place - find somewhere busy, well lit and close to public transport.

  • For a first date consider a lunchtime for a sandwich or a chat over a coffee. It's a bit different and importantly there's a natural time limit.

  • Be confident you know enough about your date before you pass on your phone number and address details. You can use our private messaging system for as long as you like after the event is over.

  • Always tell a friend you are going on your date and arrange a time that you will call them so let them know everything is going well.

  • Consider double dating with a friend - As naff as it sounds why not try it? It will take the pressure of you and could turn out to be great fun!

  • Never rely on your date for your transport home.

  • Always trust your common sense and instincts, if you don't like where a situation is heading it's time to leave.

  • Above all have a great time - Good luck!

Don't forget! - We love hear your success stories!