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Speed Dating Launches in Putney

Monday March 2, 2015

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So we've got all the cocktail bars, secret basement dives, champagne venues and other central London frippery covered. And we love it. But London is about a lot more than the West End, the City and a few inner London areas only accessible by fixed wheel bicycle.

London's personality comes from where people actually live. It's why local boozers frequently come out on top when people are asked about their favourite venues. And local pubs are really stepping up with awesome food, great service and incredible and original venues.

So we at Original Dating have made it our mission to seek out these neighbourhood gems and provide local singles with a chilled out opportunity to meet like-minded folk a little closer to home.

Welcome to new venue number one: The Duke's Head, Putney.

We were a little reticent at first about the Duke's Head. The upstairs is a bright and airy gastro pub more suited to catching up with friends and family than singledom requires. Head downstairs though and this all changes.

As you walk down the stairway a warm, intimate and quirky room emerges. Mismatched furniture sits comfortably with odd bits of Americana, Victoriana and plenty of other 'ana' besides.

Cruise past the generously sized bar and you're suddenly confronted with the fact that you haven't descended into a cosy, secretive basement but instead swapped road level for river level, and all the karmic balance that river views bring. There's even access to a small beer garden, perfectly poised for the emergence of summer.

The wonderfully mismatched room comfortably seated our 32 guests with enough space to move easily between dates and the acoustics meant no-one was screaming to be heard. Throw in good pub prices and a generous alcohol selection and you've got the perfect speed date night.

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