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Speed Dating in Earlsfield

Friday March 6, 2015

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Following on from my last blog post about holding events in lovely local establishments for the more discerning individual we're pleased to announce a new partnership, this time in Earlsfield.

Earlsfield is an odd kind of place. The mania of central London is easily accessible and yet, because there's no tube line the area has a calmer, more considered air. No tube line doesn't mean you can't reach it though. Clapham Junction is a stone's throw away, as is Balham and Wansdworth. But it does mean that bars in the area have a particularly welcoming vibe.

It's a hub for late twenties to early thirties with rents more affordable than its salubrious neighbours meaning a growing demand for events for the single professional.

And slotting right in to fulfil this demand is our newest venue, The Earlsfield. A really innovative bar situated in the renovated old station ticket hall, The Earlsfield manages to combine an open airy feel with an intimacy more akin to a basement bar.

The main bar area leads off in one direction down a splendid tunnel area complete with metallic arched roof which culminates in a wonderfully lit conservatory dining space. Overlooking the relaxed crowd is a well sized mezzanine perfectly suited for a less public gathering.

And it's on this mezzanine that we'll be hosting our first Earlsfield speed date on March 24th.

It's a great space to meet like-minded singles with plenty of room for manoeuvre and with the bar serving a broad range of very well priced drinks and  a level of service only Earlsfield can deliver, we're really excited to be here.

We hope you can come and join us. It's definitely worth and look and we hope to see you there.

We'll hopefully be running regular speed dating events in Earlsfield. Check them out here.