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Is exercise the new social lubricant?

Tuesday April 28, 2015

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Believe it or not, I used to exercise. A lot. Granted, I was 16 and yes this is an ‘I was a contender’ plea, but still, I like to think I know a thing or two about getting fit.

One thing I know is that working out in a gym is boring. As is going for a run. Or a cycle on your own. I’m a social being. I want to interact with people while slowly killing myself in the interests of health led vanity.

Unfortunately, my couch based stand against anti-social exercise has taken a bit of a knock recently thanks to two companies who seem to know what they’re doing. The Outdoor Fitness Collective and British Military Fitness are changing the way we view exercise making it a far more social activity.

Both offer outdoor classes with a wide variety of exercise types but the main drive is to do so together. I’m not entirely sure if trying to date while coughing up a lung and looking like a dazed lycra clad beetroot is the best way to go about such things but given my stomachs propensity to supersize my trouser purchases I’m willing to give it a go.

Seriously though, I think the idea is brilliant. Not only do you get to meet a whole bunch of like-minded individuals, if you’re like me the motivational aspect may just encourage you to push that little bit harder. You’re all in it together after all.

And it seems that London’s singles are driving this trend towards group exercise. No longer the realm of South West London yummy mummies, the classes offered by both companies are becoming dominated by young professional singles looking for a way to get fit and expand their social networks.

I think we should run exercise based speed dating sessions myself although I may have to get in training before hosting such an event.

It’s nearly summer. I think it’s the perfect time to not only treat your body to a bit of a workout but flex your dating muscles at the same time. What have you got to lose?
The Outdoor Fitness Collective have been described as ‘London’s friendliest fitness group’ and have over 20 coaches and a whole host of activities for you to choose from.

Check them out here. They’re also currently running an offer giving you your first ‘Insanity’ class for just £5!

British Military Fitness have become so popular that they now offer classes nationwide. As the name suggests, nearly all their coaches are former members of the forces but don’t worry, they’re a really amazing and relaxed bunch.

You can see what these guys are up to here. Check out their ‘First class free’ offer!