THE ORIGINAL DAILY - OUR BLOG : The Top 6 Things Men 1st Notice About Women – And How to use them to Your Advantage THE ORIGINAL DAILY - OUR BLOG : The Top 6 Things Men 1st Notice About Women – And How to use them to Your Advantage

The Top 6 Things Men 1st Notice About Women – And How to use them to Your Advantage

Monday June 8, 2015

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Last time I wrote about the top 6 things girls first notice about guys. The general consensus from guys was surprise and from girls acknowledgement. So it will be interesting to see if the opposite happens this time.

Perhaps you’re all well aware of this already. Women are, after all, generally more intelligent and insightful. But I’m curious. So before reading further, jot down what you think the top 6 will be and see how close you are and let me know how you get on.

In every study undertaken it has been found that the vast majority of men notice the eyes first. And let’s be honest, it’s easier for a man to compliment your eyes than say, ahem… another area of the body.

In keeping with stereotypes however, large eyes are generally considered more appealing. While most advice out there suggests using more make-up and eye shadow, my personal suggestion is to smile. This brightens the eyes giving the illusion of size. Oh, and men are absolute suckers for a glance that lasts a little longer than is usual.

Talking of smiling… Smile
A smile is, quite obviously, seen as a signal of happiness and optimism and thus makes you more approachable. It’s also a sign of confidence which, contrary to popular belief, is hugely attractive to guys.

So smile often and smile well, just avoid the gritted teeth dead eyes type. It suggests parole.

We’re still above the collar bone folks. Sorry to disappoint all of you who thought you knew men.

Long or short it doesn’t really matter. Health and vitality is the key here.

Healthy, shiny hair suggests youth and energy. While various colours and styles may have cost you a pretty penny it’s worth nothing if it doesn’t look healthy. Indeed, while men will notice your face first, many claim to know if a woman is attractive even if they’re looking from behind.

Shiny, luscious hair is a sign of health. It’s a dead giveaway as to how well someone looks after themselves. The eyes may be the windows to the soul but the hair is the window to the body.

And general bleaching has become a huge turn off for the modern male. It all relates to the next thing men notice…

Too much makeup up, fake eyelashes, big heels, a false smile… It makes men nervous. Not because they’re afraid of you but because they feel they can’t trust you.

You remain hidden beneath a veneer of falseness. Men like to live under the illusion that they are the only ones who may get to see the real you. Whether true or not, hiding beneath what they see as a disguise will limit your chances hugely. And the guys who will be attracted to you probably drive a Subaru while still living at home with Mum. He may look sharp but it wasn't him that ironed that shirt.

Your… Friends
Excuse the reference but as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

Men will see how you interact with your friends. If you’re friends are loud, whiny or rude one of two things will happen. A guy will either assume you have chosen these friends because you’re like them or he will be so intimidated he simply won’t look at you, let alone approach you.    

I'm not saying change your friends, it's just something to be aware of. Mingle a little to avoid getting stuck with the loudest one and being tarred with the same brush.

And finally to number six. It’s… Posture!
That’s right folks. Breasts did not make it on to the top 6 things men first notice about women. I promise this is all scientifically verified.

So, to posture. While it’s been suggested the shy question mark shape suggests coquettishness it actually makes you look like you have a back problem. While the chin held high, shoulders back and straight spine isn’t essential, the ability to walk with ease through a crowded bar with a modicum of decorum shows a relaxed confidence that’s incredibly attractive.

Heels or no heels is entirely up to you but, as with gentlemen, the slouch is never an attractive look. It’s also really bad for you.

So, be mindful of your poise. Not only will you reduce your osteopathy bills, you’ll look and feel more confident, and you’ll appear more approachable.

And there we conclude our two-parter – The top 6 thing guys and girls notice about each other.

It won’t be the same for everyone of course. That’s what makes things so much fun. But I promise, if you keep these things in mind next time you’re in the mood for spotting a potential paramour, your chances will be greatly increased.

In the meantime, I dare you to come and try out your new found knowledge (or confirmation of what you already knew) at one of our events: