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Event report: Autumn Lock & Key – What a night!

Thursday October 27, 2016

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Last Saturday saw us put on one of our largest ever parties. The latest in our series of Offline Dating events, our much-anticipated Autumn Lock and Key Party.

We saw an amazing response to this event and all 220 tickets sold out in advance. Such was the demand that we had quite a waiting list, so sorry to those people that we couldn’t accommodate this time around!

The premise for this event was simple. Bring together over 200 twenty to thirtysomething singletons under one roof, provide an icebreaker that makes it easy to meet people and ensure there’s a 50:50 male to female ratio in the building.

We certainly delivered and result was epic. At the start, the atmosphere at our venue, The Refinery close to Warren Street was that of excitement and anticipation.  The evening got underway with a few words from Stuart our event manager and the crowd quite literally threw themselves at the job in hand.

The Locks and Keys glinted furiously as the crowd networked and mingled as if their lives depended upon it. Soon we were inundated with matches and prize draw tickets were issued at a rate of knots.

Our venue kept the refreshments flowing apace and as the night went on we noticed more than a few couples that has really hit it off.

The great thing about our Lock and Key parties is the pace is set the participants. We simply provide an icebreaker and the people to meet. You can speak to as many or as few people as you wish and you do so at your own speed.  

Your safe in the knowledge that everyone in the venue is single and there to meet people so there’s none of the barriers that exist in a normal bar. This mix creates the most sociable of atmospheres and a glance at the matching rate from tells us that a lot of people met that night – And its seems they got on rather well indeed.

We plan to continue our program of Lock and Key parties and our next event will be in early December. Be sure to keep an eye on our website for more details.

Until next time.