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Positive Vibes - Big smiles after an Original Dating party

Wednesday January 11, 2017

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We delight in receiving positive feedback from our clients. This email from Laura about her experience at one of our recent offline dating parties really brightened up a gloomy January day.

Our series of Offline Dating Parties are creating quite a stir in the London dating world. Every month we're bringing together hundreds of people for what can only be described as the most fun and effective dating events around. We're refining our format every time and our events are getting more popular than ever. That is for just one reason, people really do get toghether at these events.

Here's what Laura thought about a recent event. 

SUBJECT: Feedback

I went to an Original Dating 'lock and key' event in 2016, and I can honestly say I think it is a brilliant idea and such a refreshing option compared to online dating. The event had 200 people all looking for a connection.. something which you can easily discover in person rather than after a few weeks of flirting hidden behind a screen. 

I'd been waiting for the event after a friend recommended the summer boat party and immediately I loved the concept. After a few years of online dating and becoming increasingly disappointed I was eager to meet new people in person. So this, I thought was a perfect way of speaking to other singles and seeing instantly if I enjoyed their company or if better, I found that spark. (And more importantly you could say you met in a bar!)

The lock and key idea, women with locks and men with keys was a great way to strike up a conversation. Mainly because all matches were put into a raffle! This pulled at my competitive nature and made me start chatting with men I probably would have swiped left to on an app only to be pleasantly surprised.

I arrived by myself and never at any point felt uncomfortable. I checked in my name, was given an explanation of how it worked, hung my coat up and then went to get a glass of wine to settle any nerves. As soon as I had ordered my drink, a guy started talking to me. I remember thinking it felt so natural, and this continued for the rest of the evening. I did for a moment reflect on online dating, all the people you may miss as they don't fit the criteria, judging from a couple of photos and well-constructed sentences. I decided I needed to be more open and not to be confined by just 'my type'.

I now have a lovely boyfriend who I met outside of the event, and although I didn't meet my match there (or win the raffle) I couldn't recommend it more. An enjoyable night filled with attractive men and women of all ethnicities and backgrounds all open to find that special someone and interested In getting to know you.  That instant real life connection.. what more could you want! 

Laura, happy customer


Thanks Laura, we're really happy that you enjoyed the concept. Thanks for the feedback!

If you'd like to find out why our parties are breaking new ground in London dating. Our next party is our Valentine's Party on February 11, 2017. We've hired awesome Anthologist Bar in Bank for what promised to be our biggest party every. Click here for more details.