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Best Cocktail Pop-Ups for Dates

Monday October 2, 2017

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London must be the home of pop-up bars in the UK, with tons of new themed bars popping up all the time and what better places to take a date. It is more likely than not a completely unique experience that will be sure to make your date a memorable one. So with all the pop-ups in London at the moment I’m gonna look at cocktail specific pop-ups which I think make for an ideal date because who doesn’t love a cocktail.

Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar in Brick Lane has to be one of the coolest themed pop-ups of late. Based on America’s inescapable prison, you must answer for your crimes and put on the last suit you’ll ever wear, an orange jumpsuit! After doing your best smuggling the spirits of your choice, which you brought with you past the guards, you will spend the rest of your time with your new inmates, some of which are not half bad at making cocktails.

Its open now till mid December and for £30 pounds you’re thinking it’s a bit steep but you bring your own booze and all juices and mixers are free. So you get a personal cocktail maker, who will listen to your cocktail needs. You’d probably spend £30 pound on a few rounds so not all that bad if you think about it.

Hackney’s Breaking Bad pop-up RV is another cool cocktail bar. Based on the hit TV show, and styled like the inside of Heisenbergs RV, set out with beakers and test tubes all making some pretty crazy cocktails. Of course in this environment, you will need to wear the correct protective gear, cooking meth is not a safe business, so goggles and hazmat suits are a must.

Again at £30 for 2 hours this is a bit steep but it does include 2 cocktails of your choice and a welcome drink. Its not often you get to go and be in the RV of Breaking Bad sipping cocktails. Booking in advance is a must as well, as you would imagine, it’s a very popular experience.

Finally the National Theatre Propstore Café located on the south bank is not necessarily a pop-up in the traditional sense but it is a quirky little bar. The south bank is a great place for dates as the river provides a great back drop, especially at night.

This bar is filled with cool props from some of the big shows of late including War Horse and Frankenstein. Of course it has a great selection of drinks and wont cost you for entry so this goes on the list for as a budget option.

So there you have it, some quirky cocktail venues for a date to remember! Of course if you are looking for someone to spoil with fantastic cocktails we run the best speed dating events across London. Get yourself down to our own venues for a great night, some of which sport their own great cocktail menus.


Stuart is one of our regular hosts and over the years has become something of an expert in dating. Watch out for his regular posts full of dating tips and advice.