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Fun Fitness Classes in London

Friday October 27, 2017

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Lets be honest with ourselves sometimes going to the gym can be more of a chore than a pleasure. Well, luckily for us, some people have had the same idea and decided to make fitness fun.

No seriously, there are tons of fitness classes based on having fun rather than running ourselves into the ground for no logical reason.

So how do they make fitness fun?

There are various different approaches, which I’m going to delve into.

First up we have the ultimate in fun fitness, Rabble. This cool company run fitness classes across London, particularly on Clapham Common. These guys run what can only be described as adult fitness games like British Bulldogs for example or capture the flag.

These old playground games and some of their own creation are not only fun but also have you drowned in sweat but the best bit is you will not even notice the lactic acid kicking in because you’ll be having too much fun.

Ministry of Sound Fitness, not really what you expect to hear before the word fitness is it? Ministry of Sound, but to be fair if you’ve ever been before you usually leave sweating from being on the dance floor all night so why not do the same but in the afternoon instead just without the alcohol. Ministry of Sound run some pretty high intensity workouts with all the banging tunes you’d expect, and its amazing how music motivates you, so imagine what you could achieve with those decibel levels.

Finally why not try a Boxing class, and I mean a proper boxing class down at Rooneys Boxing Gym in London Bridge.

This is a world renowned boxing gym, where David Haye once trained, and they run boxing style workouts which really put you through your paces. Skipping, body weight exercises, you’ll even learn a little bit of boxing and how to throw a punch. Hitting a punch bag is one of the most stress busting things you can do and fun but I’m not gonna lie there is a reason why boxers are the fittest athletes on the planet!

These well priced and fun fitness classes are sure to make you fall in love with what was once hard work. Don’t make fitness a chore ever again because you don’t have to. This classes also come with great social communities of like minded people, the fun never ends.


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