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Event Report: Rock The Boat - Lock and Key Party 2017

Thursday August 10, 2017

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In case you missed our boat party this year I’m going to give you a quick run down including some behind the scenes info of our best boat party to date.

That’s right, our best boat party yet. But don’t worry, there’s always next time, plans are already afoot!

The boat party is not only my favourite event to host but it seems to be your favourite to attend with all 250 tickets selling out, and the vast majority within the first month of release!

Next time we might just need a bigger boat.

As always, the Golden Jubilee (the boat) leaves at 14:00 and as always the Original Dating staff are there bright and early setting up for the party.

Now I’ve been on twitter all week bragging about the weather and just as we stopped for a sandwich the heavens opened up and unleashed a mighty fury in the form of rain, raindrops that were big enough to pop our balloons!

With early arrivals sheltering under the walkway, and the boat not quite stocked or ready to let them on, this wasn’t sitting well with us, only an hour before opening the doors.

We didn’t panic, after all  we all knew what London weather was like. We had faith the sun would shine again, and our faith was restored as the 30-minute downpour finally called time and the sun broke through the clouds and shined broke through.

The time came to let passengers on board. Myself, new recruit Joshua (the boys a natural) and the team began to sign everyone in and it wasn’t long before we we were sailing gentle away from Temple.

It seemed that faith in the London weather had also not been misplaced by our guests and iPhone weather apps heralding 22 degrees was enough to get us all on that boat and rightly so.

With our original route taking us down to the O2 Arena then back up and past parliament no longer desirable due to the dark rain clouds that had not long ago been right above our heads.

The skipper decided to chase the sun, searching for clear sky and what a job he did. It was glorious.

With everyone out on the back deck soaking up the sunshine and meeting and  chatting or inside on the top deck soaking up the amazing atmosphere, the boat was well and truly rocking, and both bars getting well used!

As always our locks and keys create our main ice breaker for the event.

The ladies receive a padlock on arrival and the gents get keys if the key opens the padlock, that’s what we call a match, and you come see us for a new key and padlock but also get a prize draw ticket for later.

You then carry on meeting new people and unlocking padlocks to get as many raffle tickets as possible. Now despite the rumors flying around the boat (don’t know where they came from) there was no trip for two to Paris on the Euro star but we did have some great prizes on the day.

This year seen the most matches at a boat party ever with just under 200 raffle tickets going out to you lovely people. That’s a sure sign that people are mingling like crazy!     

When we weren’t handing out raffle tickets, exchanging padlocks or introducing people it was lovely to have a catch up with you all and it was lovely for us to see everyone having so much fun, which also means we have so much fun as well.

The immediate feedback on the day was incredible, we’re very happy and hope next year is even better!

Thanks to everyone who attended. Of course, if you were there and have any feedback please do get in touch and until next year why not come along to our

next party and continue to meet people offline, the sociable and old-fashioned way.

Or in other words, the way that really works!


Next party date coming soon.


Stuart is one of our regular hosts and over the years has become something of an expert in dating. Watch out for his regular posts full of dating tips and advice.