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Date Ideas: Everyman Cinema

Friday August 4, 2017

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When it comes to film nothing beats watching a film on the big screen. Nothing. 

We all love all the loud explosions and eating popcorn with a friend (or date) and watching the drama unfold in front of our eyes as we suspend our disbelief that these larger than life characters played by these incredibly perfect millionaires tell us a heart wrenching and compelling story.

But we can’t have this in the comfort of our own home.  On in our comfy sofa, on our favourite side (yes, I have a favourite side of the sofa and I hog the remote control (deal with it).

Or can we?

Everyman Cinema are an independent chain of cinemas that make it feel like you’re watching the latest releases in the comfort of your own home.

Forget your big corporate cinemas with their cold generic decor and theatres that seat a ton of people in those square hard seats where the folk behind you kick the backs till you snap.

The Everyman offer cinemas seating 40-70 people and the seat...well they are just like your favorite armchair in the house.

With branches dotted around the city, some with just one screen or two for at the bigger venues.

This creates a unique and laid back atmosphere which makes you feel at home instantly. The staff are super friendly as well, not just nodding and saying sir and madam but being genuinely friendly and making sure you have the best experience.

Now down to the films, and this is where my inner film buff gets to come out and play. The Everyman doesn’t just show your Hollywood blockbusters, it shows everything from Japanese Animations, to Indie hits that would normally go under the radar at your big cinema multiplex.

No need to wait for those smaller budget films to be released on DVD or miss out enjoying them on the big screen either.

As for the grub, you can expect your cinema classics like popcorn, hot dogs, nacho’s and ice cream but also pizza’s and antipasti.

Of course, there’s tons of nibbles and sweet delights as well. The bar is also a great addition to the experience and just like your grabbing a cold one out your own fridge, there is a good selection of beers and wines.

Everyman cinemas also do private hires, hell yeah that’s what I said, you can hire out the cinema whether its for a party, or a presentation you can have the all cinema room of 60 seats and even customise the canopy to say what your particular event is. Not bad eh?


Everyman is a very well priced and intimate cinema experience, it really goes that extra mile to make sure your comfort comes first. They also offer membership for those film buffs like myself. I say try it out, take a date, watch a film- believe me, you’ll love it!