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Amazon Prime and Chill

Wednesday September 27, 2017

That’s right, the new world power Amazon are now also rivalling Netflix for online streaming.

They create their own Amazon Exclusive TV shows such as Man In The High Castle which is all about what would’ve happened if the Nazis won the war.

It’s fair to say these days that if you only had an Amazon account you would still be able to do everything such as ordering groceries, buy appliances and watch TV.

For those of you with Amazon Prime you get a host of other treats like Amazon Music (still not a scratch on Spotify) and the best bit, Amazon Prime Video.

Back in the day when I was a student I remember forgetting to untick a box and ended up with an £84 charge for batteries. Only to find out I’ve bought prime, which back then just meant free next day delivery.

After having already phoned up to correct this mistake, I made the same mistake again but thought to hell with it, next day delivery might be useful.

I’m very glad I did as now I get to enjoy some cracking television. If you have Prime you must get yourself an Amazon Firestick which plugs into the back of your TV and viola you have apps just like on your phone but on your TV!

So let’s cut to the chase and see what shows Amazon are making and if they any good.

Well the short answer is yes, and I’m going to give you a short list of 3 TV series you have to watch from Amazon.

First up we have Preacher, one of my favourite shows ever and I’ve just finished the second series, which means plenty for you to watch.

Preacher is based on the graphic novel of the same name about a preacher with a criminal past acquires a gift from the heavens.

Starring Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Graham McTavish and the brilliant Joseph Gilgun and produced by Seth Rogen, this really is a winning combination.

If you know the graphic novels you will love the latest series, which follows the original story whereas the first series is more of a how the met/prequel. I just can’t recommend this enough, watch it now!

Next up we have American Gods. Another novel to TV series by Amazon. There seems to be a running theme I’m noticing. American Gods is another terrific watch and is actually pretty inventive.

The concept of the show is that there are Gods and like the old Gods such as Death and War which gain power by people worshipping them, versus the new Gods like Technology or Amazon (not that Amazon but ironically it would work).

It follows Shadow Moon a recently released convict who becomes the muscle for the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who seems to have an agenda. This unusual show is a top watch.

Finally, Mr. Robot is some modern TV dealing with the new technological world we live in and how we rely on technology to a crippling degree. 

The protagonist, Elliot is a young hacker who is recruited by a hacktivist organisation to take down the evil faceless corporations that run the world (like Amazon). 

The young Elliot is an interesting character portrayed masterfully by Rami Malek and also stars Christian Slater you really does put in a good turn. Another great watch but not for the binge watching, as it’s a bit heavier than other shows.

So there you have it. Amazon, once again showing their world dominance and making Netlfix look like amateurs.

These three shows are among a long list of great shows by Amazon like Sneaky Pete, The Tick, Into The Badlands and Man In The High Castle. If you are looking for things to put on your Christmas list this year, make sure it’s an AmazonTV Fire Stick.

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