Ping Pong Dating

Friday January 12, 2018

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If you haven't played ping pong before then you must have been living under a rock somewhere! Ping pong is undoubtedly one of the most fun things you can do in what I like to call pub sports. Of course there's darts, and pool but these do require a certain level of skill, still fun of course. Ping pong on the other hand is fun for everyone, one of the first things we play when we're kids is bat and ball, which is essentially just the same, everyone can play it so here at Original Dating we thought it would be a fantastic idea to combine dating and ping pong to create our Ping Pong Dating! 

I can already tell you're super excited and so am I! 

Ping Pong Dating is our brand new dating event designed for groups of around 50 people, split down the middle male/female. We have teamed up with SMASH Wimbledon and have exclusive access to the ground floor bar with 3 Olympic Grade ping pong tables!! This brand new event will see you play mixed doubles with different partners. When you're not playing you're free to mingle with the other players, flirt, watch the competition and plenty of time for a few drinks. You will have the chance to play about 3 games and it's all in the name of fun, no trophy or wooden spoon to play for but at the end of the event we will all get together for a group challenge-The Longest Rally.  

The Longest Rally Challenge? 

The longest rally is a group challenge to finish off the event and the idea is to beat the previous events total. The group will be split in half, with one half on one side of the table and the other half on the other side, both lined up in a queue. Once you've played your shot you have to get out the way for the person behind you in the queue to get to the table in time for them to play their shot and so on. You join the queue at the end and will keep this going till the rally finishes. 

SMASH Wimbledon is a fantastic new ping pong bar located minutes from Wimbledon Rail station or a short walk from South Wimbledon Tube. This funky bar has an incredible selection of over 60 craft beers, classic and contemporary cocktails! The pizzas are also to die for! This funky new venue has to be seen to be believed and having exclusive access to the ground floor bar means this is an event not to be missed! 

Our first Ping Pong Dating is Thursday 22nd Feb and for one week only we are going to be selling early bird tickets of £15, offer ends Monday 22nd Jan! So if you're reading this then you will be one of the first to know about this fantastic event and even better deal! This event is going to be the next big thing in dating so don’t miss out!  




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