Introducing Mixeo

Mixeo is the mobile app by Original Dating designed to supercharge your experience at our dating events like never before. Mixeo means more matches, more fun and lots more besides.

Mixeo is a world first, totally exclusive to Original Dating in London.

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What is Mixeo?

Mixeo is our free app for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device. Use Mixeo to view our events programme and book your tickets. Instead of printing confirmation emails, simply check in to the event on arrival using the Mixeo app.   

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Mixeo speed dating

It’s at our events that Mixeo really comes into its own. At certain speed dating events Mixeo can replace the pen and paper used to keep track of who you met and who you liked on the night. When you meet people at a Mixeo speed dating event simply enter your preference directly into the app as you meet each person. No more trying to remember who you met the next day.

If there is not adequate Wi-Fi at the venue we will supply you with a pen and scorecard to keep track of your dates. In this situation you simply enter your preferences into Mixeo after the event or the next day before 5pm.

Mixeo means more matches

If you use Mixeo to enter your yes, no or friend preference after each date you don’t have to login to our site the next day. It’s quicker, easier and much more efficient.

Because Mixeo knows who everyone liked we can get your matches to you faster.

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Mixeo does messaging

Mixeo displays a list of the people you matched with soon after the event finishes. Why not get in touch with them right away? Mixeo has an instant messaging system built in that works just like WhatsApp. You’ll be arranging dates with your matches quicker than ever, securely via the Mixeo app. New messages show as a notification on your phone so there’s no chance you’ll miss anyone.

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Mixeo does parties

Mixeo parties unbeatable when it comes to matching potential. Fun icebreaker? Tick. Prizes to be won? Tick. 200+ people to meet? Tick.

At Mixeo parties your phone becomes the icebreaker. When you meet someone new, indicate privately on the app if you’d like to see them again. Each time you do you're in with a chance to win a prize. The more people you meet the more chances you have to win! When you win the Mixeo app lets you know what you’ve won.

Mixeo also adds matching to our large scale parties. The next day we crunch everyone’s preferences and you’ll get a list of everyone you matched with on your phone so you can get in touch right away.

We know there’s always some people you don’t get around to meeting at our big parties. A lot of people attend and there’s only so much time. At our largest events Mixeo features a Photo Wall feature. It works a little bit like another well-known dating app except this time everyone you see is at the same event as you. Work your way through the profile pictures ticking them yes, no or friend along the way. If they tick you back that’s a match!

There’s never been a better chance of meeting your match at one of our parties powered by Mixeo.

Mixeo does socials

Mixeo Socials are smaller scale events for between 50-100 people. Normally there’s a theme, a specific age range or a location that brings people together. We’ll choose a great venue and whist the mingling is left to you Mixeo ensures it’s easy for everyone to keep in touch with everyone they met and find out who they matched with after the event.

Mixeo makes it easier to meet and match with people at all of our events and it’s totally exclusive to Original Dating.

Mixeo does so much more

Because Mixeo is on your phone it means event powered by Mixeo can take place anywhere. It’s very exciting. See our range of Mixeo pub and bar crawls, wine tastings, quizzes, cocktail master classes, bowling events, cookery classes and Mixeo in the park events coming very soon.

Mixeo events are guaranteed

All Mixeo powered speed dating events and socials are guaranteed*. With the power of Mixeo on your phone we’re so confident you’ll meet people that you want to see again. If for any reason you don’t, Mixeo automatically gives you a free credit that you can spend on another event of your choice any time.

Get Mixeo now

Mixeo is the only app of its kind and it’s exclusive to Original Dating. Download Mixeo free for your iPhone, Android and Windows powered smartphones today and we hope to see you at a Mixeo event very soon.

How do I use Mixeo?

Check out our how-to guide here

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Download Mixeo for iPhone Download Mixeo for Android from Google Play  


* Some premium events such as wine tasting and parties are not covered by our guarantee but it is made clear on the booking page where this is the case.