How to use Mixeo

We made Mixeo to make it easier to keep track of who you meet at our speed dating events and parties. Mixeo also tells you who you mutially matched with and lets you to message your matches securely from your phone. At our some of our parties Mixeo gives out drinks and prizes too. It's a very nifty little app!

Here's a brief rundown on how to be get ready for your event and how to use Mixeo on the night and afterwards.

Don't have a smartphone, don't worry! Please don't worry if you don't have a smartphone. You can still enjoy our events by keeping track of who you met on paper and you can find out who you matched with on our website. Either way, we've got you covered!

Here's some information about using Mixeo on the night to record who you meet. 

Download Mixeo

If you don't already have the app, you'll need to download it. Get it for your phone here.

Download Mixeo for iPhone Download Mixeo for Android from Google Play Down Load Mixeo for Windows Phone

Login to Mixeo

If you didn't book your ticket on Mixeo or it's your first time using it you'll need to login. Open the app and click login on the top right hand corner. Use the login details from your booking confirmation email or request them here.

If you booked your ticket via the Mixeo app you'll be logged in automatically.

Upload a photo

To use Mixeo you'll need a photo. Your photo will only be shown to people you've already met at the event. We insist on a photo as it stops any confusion when you get your matches.

To upload a photo. Click on Edit Profile on the menu. You'll be able to upload a shot from your photos or take one via the camera.

You can also write a short bio. It's not essential but a good idea. Once you've logged in and uploaded your photo you're ready for the event.

How to use Mixeo at the event


You're going to meet a lot of people at the event and Mixeo helps you easily keep track of everyone you meet, who you liked and who you want to see again.

When the event is about to start, open up Mixeo and hit the My Events tab on the main screen.

You'll then see event you've booked for. Click that to open up the dashboard for your event and you'll see something like...






This. You can use this screen to view your event ticket, to record people you've met, view the people you've met already and change your YES, NO, FRIEND preferences.

Please note that none of these features (apart from the ticket) will be active until you arrive at the event and check in with our hosts.

Also, certain features like View Matches won't be open until the following day.

Now it's time to get ready for your first date. Click on Meet People to record your preferences.




Screenshot 2014 11 06 18 53 50

This is the Meet People screen. When you meet someone new you first need to ask for their Mixeo number. Yours is displayed on this screen because they will want to know it too.

When you meet someone, tap in their Mixeo number and hit go. At this point you'll see their profile appear...


NB. If there is not adequate wifi or phone signal at the venue we will supply you with a pen and scorecard to keep track of your dates. In this situation you simply enter your preferences into Mixeo after the event or the next day before 5pm





You now have the option to select your date as either a yes, a no or a friend depending on how much you want to see them again.

Important:  Please make sure you press either YES, NO or FRIEND to store your preference each person.

Your selection isn't set in stone. You can change your mind at any point up until 5pm the following day.  To change your preference for anyone please go to the People I've Met screen.

Once you've stored your choice you'll be taken back to the Meet People screen ready to enter the next person's Mixeo number. This process continues until you have met everyone or the event comes to an end.

Make sure you've finalised your choices by 5pm on the day after the event and Mixeo will let you know who you matched with.

The next day


At around 5pm on the day after the event Mixeo will let you know who you matched with via a screen notification. Click on this to view your matches and their pictures.

From here view your matches, their profiles, send them messages and arrange dates. All the good stuff.