Dating in the dark


Dating in the dark is coming to London

It's just landed here in the UK and as ever Original are here to offer you the latest ways to have a great evening of fun and games and the chance to meet someone new into the bargain.
Our launch event is taking place very soon, we are finalising a central London venue and working out a delicious menu.

In the meantime please contact us via email to pre-register your interest and we will be in touch over when the event is open for booking.

We are preparing a package which includes:

A welcome drink on arrival, your 5 course finger meal & wine plus one of the most unusual experiences you can imagine.

All about dating in the dark

Dating in the dark was first conceived in New York City and is simply that, it's a dating event that takes place in total darkness. We take a restaurant full of people, equal numbers of girls and boys and place them in complete pitch darkness on tables of 6-10 leaving you free to enjoy a fantastic meal and great company - stimulating every one of your senses apart from your eyesight.

The event begins in the bar for registration and pre dinner drinks and mingling. This part of the evening is lit and last roughly 30 minutes.

Our waiters will then guide you to your table and familiarise you with the location of your plate and glasses.

Gourmet food is served by our waiters in night vision glasses and is eaten with your hands for simplicity. The menu is designed with this in mind!

Because of the total and complete darkness you are able to really savour your food and enjoy the company of your 'dates' and arouse all the senses.

After two courses candles are lit and guests eat desert and for the first time are allowed to see their 'dates' they have been speaking to all evening.

Contact us if you would like to take part in this event in London.

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