Welcome to Original Dating the home of alternative dating events. Why do you think we're called ORIGINAL, because we're at the forefront of alternative dating events in London, launching world first after first. 

Our alternative events are designed to get the most of the dating experience and provide that little something different from the standard speed dating format. We create positive atmosphere's with the intention to enhance your dating experience. To really get to know someone without having to be thrown to the small talk wolves. 

I sometimes hate the term 'dating events' for being too limiting and if it wasn't so wordy, I would prefer to use 'social events for single people' because that’s exactly what they are. Our fantastic range of alternative dating events ensure you'll meet a lot of single people in one night but more importantly have an incredible night out in the process. These nights will make people wish they were single! 

Our alternative dating events include the monster – Dating Against Humanity, Dating Bingo, Ping Pong Dating and Quiz Dating. With more arriving this year but unlike other companies who actually through sh*t at the wall, our events work and are hugely popular! 

Join the alternative dating revolution and sign up now for 15% off your first booking.  


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Online and mobile app matching

After you've met everyone, you'll need to input your 'Yes', 'Friend' and 'No' choices into the Mixeo app or our website. You have the whole next day to make up your mind. Your matches are then published at 5pm on the day following your event and you'll be able to get in touch with anyone you matched with via our messaging system.

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