Here you'll find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not covered please feel free to contact us.

I've never done anything like this before. What's it like? +

Our events make it very easy to meet a lot of people face to face. It's exciting, lots of fun and not at all scary. You probably won't want to date everyone but because you'll meet a lot of people at one event, the chances are that you'll meet a few people you want to see again. 


The people you meet will be friendly and yes, totally normal. People who attend dating events realise it's so much better to meet people in real life.


We're confident you'll really enjoy your night and meet people you want to see again. It might seem nerve-racking if you're considering attending a dating event for the first time, but you'll soon realise how easy and fun it is. It's so much quicker than meeting people online or through apps.


With us, it's guaranteed that you'll meet someone you want to see again or your next event is free.

How does speed dating work? +

A speed dating event gives you the chance to meet around 15-20 people in one night for dates lasting just four minutes. Normally this short length of time is enough to decide if you would like to see each person again for or not. Click here for a detailed explanation of how our speed dating events work and the exact format.

What kind of people will I meet at your events? +

Our events attract fun and successful professional people from across London. Like the population of London, we see a cultural mix of people working in a diverse range of sectors. Because our events attract a lot of people we're confident you'll find at least one person you click with at any of our events. More

How many people will I meet? +

This depends on the type of event, the day of the week and location but broadly speaking at our speed dating events you'll meet 15-20 people. Our socials and parties are designed for larger groups up to 250, but each of our detailed event listings will give you a good idea about how many people you can expect to meet.

Do you always get an equal number of girls and guys at the events? +

Our events are popular so on most occasions we're able to get an equal or almost equal male/female ratio. It's not a problem if we don't get an exact ratio, there's always plenty of people to meet and most events sell out.

Can I pay on the door? +

Unfortunately not. We need to know who's attending our events in advance in order to balance the male/female ratio. Booking online is easy, fast and very secure. You can book online on our website or via our Mixeo mobile apps or over the phone. 

I'm just outside of the age range. Can I still come? +

Most people that attend are within the age range specified but If you're just outside, it's not a problem.  We've found that people tend to be more compatible when they are of a similar age.

What is your guarantee? +

We guarantee that you will meet at least one person you would like to see again at our standard speed dating events. Therefore, we guarantee you will select at least one person as a 'yes' or 'friend' on our matching system. If you don't meet someone you want to see again you can attend another similar event free of charge.


This guarantee covers most of our events however premium events such as wine tasting events and some parties are not covered. It will be made clear on the booking page where this is the case.

Click here for more info about our guarantee.


What is a match? +

A match occurs when two people at our events both express an interest in each other via our online matching system.


When both people select 'Yes' for each other this is a yes match as both parties would be interested in going on a date. You can get in touch with people you matched with as a 'Yes' via our app, Mixeo or our website.


A 'Friend' match occurs when both parties select 'Friend' indicating they like the person but not in a romantic way. You can get in touch with people you matched with as a 'Friend' via our app, Mixeo or our website.


If either person clicks 'no' this is not a match and we do not allow contact. More about matching

How do you match people up? +

After you have attended an event (normally the following morning) you'll need to log in to our website or mobile app, Mixeo to enter your preferences.


You'll see a list of the people you met along with their picture and an option to select them all as either a 'Yes' a 'No' or as a 'Friend'.


Select 'Yes' if you want to see them again for a proper date or as a 'Friend' if you'd like to see them again in a non-romantic way. Mark them 'No' if they are not for you.


At 5 pm on the day following the event, the matching system will reveal who you matched with from your event. It will display a list of people you received a yes match with and a list of people you received a friend match with. You will then be able to message your matches via the system.


If you don't wish to use the app you can still use the matching system. You'll just enter your preferences for people on our website via a PC or Mac or tablet.

Can I change my booking to another event? +

Yes, but we do need some notice to move your booking. We can change your booking to another event provided you give us 48 hours notice from the event start time. Please contact us via email to change your booking - we can't do this over the phone.

I can't make it. Can a friend take my place? +

Yes. Provided your friend is the same gender we can change a name until 5 pm on the day of the event. We'll need you to contact us in order to do this. 

What is your cancelation/refund policy? +

Tickets to our events are non-refundable however we will aim to move your booking to an alternative event if you find you cannot attend. Please note, we need 48 hours notice to change your booking.


If you can't attend please let us know. It's kinder to the people that can make it and we can prepare accordingly. See our terms and conditions of booking here.

I've lost my login details +

No problem, click here to have them sent to you. Your Original Dating login details will also log you into our Mixeo app.

Tell me about lock & key parties +

Lock and Key parties are our biggest events and they are all about meeting loads of people in one very sociable night. Anything from 100-300 people attend.


On arrival girls get small padlocks and guys get keys. The simple goal is to find the person that has the key that matches your lock, or vice-versa. Along the way you get to meet loads of people. We often incorporate speed dating into these events and they take place at top venues. Check out our listings for the next one or click here for more detailed information.

Tell me about quiz dating +

Quiz dating is a pub quiz and speed dating combined. Sounds good eh? It is, click here for much more about quiz dating.

What is Mixeo? +

Mixeo is our free mobile app for iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. You can use Mixeo to find out who you matched with and message people you met at our events via your smartphone.


You can also use Mixeo to book events and as your entry ticket. Mixeo is exclusive to Original Dating. Find out more about what Mixeo can do here


If you don't have a smartphone you can still take part in all our events. You'll just enter your preferences, view your matches and message people on our website - using the app isn't essential.

How do I get the Mixeo and how does it work? +

Glad you asked. Mixeo is available free for both iPhone at the App Store, for Android at the Google Play Store and for Window Phone. Login to Mixeo using your normal Original Dating login details from your confirmation email once you have booked a ticket.


We've made a how-to guide for using Mixeo here.

What kind of events do you organise? +

Our main event format is speed dating. The simple face to face dating format where you get to meet between 15-20 people over the course of an evening for mini dates lasting just four minutes. We're also well known for our lock & key parties where groups of up to 300 people attend. Click here for descriptions of all of our event formats or view our forthcoming events.

I have a guarantee credit. How do I spend it? +

If you have credits to spend this will be shown when you log in to your account.


To spend credits simply log into your account, find an event and click Book Now. Our system will know you have a credit and will not charge you for your place. You can do this online or via our app, Mixeo. 

How do I contact people from the event? +

At around 5 pm on the day following your event our matching system will display who you matched with. Login to our website or our Mixeo app to view your matches. You can message the people you matched with the instant messaging system. It works just like WhatsApp or texting.


If you don't have the Mixeo app you can view and contact your matches via our website.

I don't have a smart phone can I still attend your events? +

Yes you can. Using Mixeo is probably the slickest way to contact your matches all the same functionality is available on our website.

About our venues +

We use a wide range of venues for our events, all of them chosen for their suitability for dating events plus their ability to offer great service and a good ambiance. We choose the kind of places we like to go to and we hope you'll like them too. Click here for more information about the venues we use. You can also see our current event venues at our event listings pages. 


If you have a venue that you'd like to suggest for our events, please get in touch via our contact page.

Why should I book with Original Dating? +

We're always being told by our customers that our dating events leave the others standing. We often see a match rate of in excess of 80% at our events. Check out some of our recent feedback on Trust Pilot. Also, we've been operating a long time. We're a proper registered limited company with offices and staff unlike a some if our more dubious competitors. We're a trusted company and we care about out clients


Check out some of the reasons why we believe we lead the market in speed dating and dating events.

I have a technical issue +

If you've found an issue with either our website or our app, Mixeo please let us know and we'll get it sorted out right away.

I have more booking questions +

If you have more questions about your booking please click here for more information that should be helpful.

Suggestions & complaints +

We welcome all feedback about our service, even if it's not all positive. Click here to find out more about how we deal with feedback and complaints

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Online and mobile app matching

When you've met everyone at our speed dating event, you'll need to input your 'Yes', 'Frend' and 'No' preferences into our Mixeo mobile app or via our website. When matches are published (around 10am the next day) we'll send the people you matched with straight to the Mixeo app on your phone and your account on our website.

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