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Will you meet the one in 2013?

Thursday December 20, 2012

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Online Dating might seem like the obvious thing to do if you are single and looking to start a relationship. 

There's 1000's of members near you and they are all single and looking too. Great idea right?

Err, no.

The online dating business is something of a paradox. If a dating site does a really good job (I.E. they find you a partner) they will almost certainly lose a paying customer. And the chances are they don't want to do that.

What the online dating industry want is lots of members spending money every month for as long as possible. It's a business after all and a pretty profitable one for this reason.

We're not saying that people don't meet using online dating, they do, but the odds seem to be stacked against them. 

The trouble is there are obstacles in the way when it comes to dating online and the process of actually meeting someone can be time consuming.

First you must have to have a good profile, the right pictures and you probably have to be a pretty good writer to get your personality to come across properly. So ideally you need to be a marketing expert, copywriter and model to succeed.

Then there's the business of approaching people and getting to know one another by writing messages, eventually arriving at a point where both parties are happy to meet - in real life.

So the big day of the date comes. In just a few seconds you'll know if there there's something there. Is there that spark? There might be....

But if there's not, you might have made a friend but you probably didn't need any more friends.

OK, so it's back to the site to start the process again right? A process that might have taken weeks.

Maybe there's another way. Something quicker, more direct, rejection free and a lot more fun. Maybe it's called Speed Dating?

Speed dating events cut through all the time wasting and flannel you get with online dating. You know within seconds if the person you meet is your cup of tea. You speak to them from the outset and decided there and then in a fun, safe environment, over a drink or two.

Our events attract successful, good looking professionals and the nights we run are huge fun and seen as the best in the business.

On average 85% of our clients meet someone at our events they match with and most people arrange a few dates afterward with people they met.

The bottom line. Speed dating works very well and we think you should try it!

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