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The Rise and Rise of Speed Dating

Wednesday September 5, 2012

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The Rise & Rise of Speed Dating

Following a surge in popularity of speed dating in the early 2000s, fuelled in part by its glamorisation in popular TV shows and the media, the speed dating boom subsided and gave way to a rise in internet dating websites. These websites covered pretty much every angle, from general matchmaking to specialist niche, and many people expected speed dating to peter out. It seemed that speed dating would become a thing of the past, a funny old ritual to tell the grandkids about, something silly you did before you met their Grandma on the internet.

Whisper this quietly as it's a secret known by few, but it was always more than just a temporary fad; speed dating has started to make an emphatic comeback. Although it was always around, albeit less popular than before, ever growing numbers are taking to meeting people in real life once again. This may come as a surprise to some people, but not the many supporters of the practice. Thanks to the many advantages to speed dating, we were always sure that it would be back in the mainstream before too long.

Why the sudden surge in popularity? Why are those same people who took to the internet now going back to dating events, whatever they are looking for?

The internet is useful, I won't deny it, but there are certain things that are just better in the real world. When people take mobile phone videos at gigs and post them to YouTube, for example, and you can hear some vague music and just see the back of some guy's head. Great if that's what you're into, but definitely not quite as good as being there yourself. Growing numbers of people are finding that the same is true for meeting people - it's better when you actually meet them.

Unfortunately, it's also in the best interests of the dating websites that their customers don't find matches, sticking with the websites and paying them for the privilege. Speed dating doesn't work like that - we just put on great events and allow you to meet lots of single people.

There have been plenty of online success stories, but I would imagine there is nothing quite like the disappointment of getting to know someone online, only to realise within moments of meeting them that you aren't a compatible match. It is a fact that first impressions last and if you decide within a couple of minutes that someone isn't for you, you're probably right.

It is an unfortunate truth that someone on the internet can be anyone they want to be. You get your hopes up and then the experience is all the more disappointing when you do meet and they admit to a few white lies. They can't fake a personality in person and this is why speed dating is infinitely more useful. You get the benefits of online dating - the opportunity to meet someone with shared intentions - without the drawbacks and the uncertainties.

Unlike online dating sites, people are finding that speed dating is great fun even if you don't find a match. All of our events are geared towards giving you an entertaining evening and an opportunity to meet people. There is no experience like it and if you haven't already given it a try you should come to our next event. You'll see for yourself how much fun it can be.

Check out our events list here, meeting people in real life is so much more fun!