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Dating is about People Not Pixels

Friday January 11, 2013

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There's no doubt that online dating is popular these days, but I think it's fair to say it does have some drawbacks. Let's examine them.

Firstly there's the task of writing a profile. It's hard trying to sell yourself in what is effectively a directory, it's also pretty unnatural. Then there's choosing a picture for your profile, so difficult to know which of your snaps is likely to show you to the world in your most attractive light. The happy clappy I'm big fun to be around look or the more sultry, I'm sexy and I know it Look. Decisions.. 

Following this comes the business of sending and receiving messages to and from other members. Of course, this could be a pleasurable experience and it is possible you could strike up a conversation with a George Clooney or Cameron Diaz lookalike but from what we've heard this isn't often the case.

Having blocked the most obvious Care in the Community cases and sex pests you might well find some people that seem nice from what they look like and what they've written. So this then leads to the inevitable date meeting. Hallelujah, you say. Except of course, in the case of online dating, you don't. Cameras can lie, pictures can lie. They can also transport people back to a time to an era where they are five years younger than they are now.  It's remarkable how many people don't think you'll notice when you meet them.

You'd probably agree that time is a precious commodity and this online dating process has already taken up a lot of time. It could be weeks before you have your first date only discover that these days Cameron Diaz rather more resembles Vanessa Felz and without the charm.

If only there was a better way to meet people… A way of meeting a whole group of people in one night, in the flesh. Where you can have a drink and a laugh, even bring your friends and the whole process is totally rejection free and where you'll only hear from people you had a mutual connection with. Hang on, have you heard of speed dating? Now, you might be reading this having tried speed dating before. Perhaps you got some dates from it, perhaps not.  Either way I'm guessing for whatever the reason it didn't work out the first time you tried it. (I bet you still had a very fun night anyway though)

Anyway, if that's you I'm urging you to give speed dating another chance. Every event we run is different and a different bunch of people attend.   There's no way of knowing in advance but your next special someone could be booking for one of our events right now.  The people we hear success stories from understand that for speed dating to work best you have to try it a few times. After all, it's a fun and confidence building process and because of the way it works, sooner or later you'll meet someone you click with.

Check out our forthcoming events at and we really hope to see you soon.