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Singles Parties – I already know what you’re thinking…

Tuesday April 1, 2014

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Londoners are a funny old lot and I think a lot of us are quite similar.  We think of ourselves as cosmopolitan and we enjoy the finer things. We’re the people in the know, on the cutting edge. Leaders not followers. We enjoy our place in the world’s leading global city and we thrive on all the excitement that affords us.

So why when a friend mentions it might be a good idea to attend a singles party would most of us would cower in terror, shuddering at the very thought of it?

Why does the concept of an event where all those attending are also single and looking to meet people fill most singletons with such foreboding?

Many Londoners have pre-conceived ideas about what singles parties are going to be like and why they won’t like them. Why the people there will be wrong for them and why it will be so terribly awkward. Of course this is all based upon nothing more than a totally irrational fear of the unknown but time after time intelligent people will mentally talk themselves out of doing the one thing that has over the years proven to be the most successful means of meeting someone to start a relationship with that has ever existed.

I’m here to challenge those ideas and argue the case for singles events and I hope by the end of this post you’ll be willing to consider that you might be wrong.

It’s often thought that anything worthwhile is not easily achieved. And most people would agree that sentiment is true in most areas of life. So when you’re single and you’ve decided that it’s finally time to meet someone, couple up and settle down, guess what, most people think that rule applies here too.

Meeting someone special is (I think that most couples would agree) an incredibly worthwhile thing to do but for most Londoners, for a number of reasons, this seem like a very difficult task.

But it really doesn’t have to be this way. We at Original Dating have been put on earth to make it very easy indeed for single Londoners to meet each other. It’s what we excel at but of course we can only do this for you if you are willing to take the plunge, buy a ticket and attend an event.

Stop trying to do it yourself. Close the dating website down. Exit Tinder, now!

If your car breaks down you would go to a mechanic. If you lose a tooth you’d probably agree that a trip to the dentist is in order. Indeed most people agree it’s not a good idea to cut your own hair so why would you think the best way to meet someone for a relationship is to find them yourself?

It really isn’t. Surely it can be done, indeed we all know people that have met their partner through the online dating sites or through work or friends. It can work but my god it’s tiring and takes forever.

If you are actually looking to meet someone inside the current millennium. I have a solution for you. It’s simple but effective and it gets amazing results.

Attend a few singles parties. It’s as simple as that. Each time you’ll meet lots of people. You’ll have a great time. You can do it with your friends. You can even have a few drinks whist you’re doing it.

By meeting people face to face you are cutting out a huge layer of uncertainty that is inherent with all online methods of meeting people. Within a few minutes of meeting someone face to face you will know if there’s anything there, if there’s a reason to pursue them further. The chances are that in just one night you’ll have met at least one person (how many do you need) that you’ve clicked with and that warrants the time for another meeting.

This approach works well. It’s proven (we’ve been trading 11 years) and the best thing is you can attend as many events as you like. Each time meeting a whole set of new people.

Our events attract a raft of really high calibre people. Good looking people. Fun people. Genuinely the kind of people you really want to meet. If you’re not attending our events you are simply missing out on a whole lot of potentials. But the great news is, you can change all that. Go on, buy a ticket. I know you won’t regret it.

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