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Warm September Date Ideas

Thursday September 18, 2014

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Make the most of the extra-long summer of love with our top tips for outdoor dates

We don’t know about you, but it feels to us that this summer has been an extra-long one and as the summer seems to be sticking around in the UK we think it is only fair that we enjoy each and every day to its fullest!

For those who are single and integrated on the dating scene this may mean that you plan in some outside dates rather than the more standard restaurants or theatre trips that are ideal for the winter months.

If you live, work or socialise in London then you will be happy to know that this great city has plenty to offer when it comes to places that allow you to enjoy some al fresco dating. So with this in mind we have put together a list of some of the top places to go to if you want to see whether the fresh air is packed with love.

Blooming wonderful; it may seem like an obvious choice if you are looking for a place for an outdoor date but Kew Gardens is a fantastic place to take your date, especially in the autumn when the colours of the leaves are at their most striking.

Eating out, not eating in; one thing that London is most certainly not short on is parks. These wonderful slices of green nestled amongst the suburban city skyline are the perfect place to have a picnic date during those mild autumn days. Some of the hotspots that should make your list include; Richmond Park, Primrose Hill and Fulham Palace Gardens each one of which has its own plus point.

Keeping an eye out is a sure-fire way to come across an outdoor date that has something a little different to offer. London has a whole host of pop up events, festivals and parties that may just be the ideal place to take your date. Food festivals, open air theatres or just some simple yet special street performers you will be surprised what you can discover in London just by keeping your eyes open and alert. See Timeout for what's coming up.

Something a bit different; one of the best parts about outdoor dating is that there are plenty of exciting things to do. Why not get your heartbeat racing a little faster than it already is by booking a fast and furious boat ride down the River Thames? Or perhaps you could see if you could get a hole in one by booking a session at one of the many “crazy golf” courses throughout the city.

The key to enjoying outdoor dates in London is to get them in as soon as possible, after all you never know how soon it will take a turn for the worse and you could end up opting for an evening of hot chocolate and ice-skating rather than basking in the last remnants of the sunshine in a beautiful, leafy park.

If you're still single and looking for someone to take on a date we might just be able to help. Check out our forthcoming events. You'll be amazed how easy it is to meet someone new!