THE ORIGINAL DAILY - OUR BLOG : A review of our Valentine's night boat party THE ORIGINAL DAILY - OUR BLOG : A review of our Valentine's night boat party

A review of our Valentine's night boat party

Thursday February 26, 2015

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Valentine's weekend is, with good reason, the busiest weekend in the singles events calendar. It seems everyone and their pet animal of choice is running an event. Having worked in the industry for around a decade I've seen them all and it's clear that some work better than others.

Now I'm rather self-critical. When someone says something is really good, I want to know what more we can do to make it amazing. I'm not a psychopath, I just genuinely enjoy running events that ensure everyone has the best time possible. Which is why I enjoy working with Original Dating so much.

So with this in mind, let's take a look at Original's Valentine's Unlocked Boat Party.

Original Dating’s previous boat parties have been pretty darn good. Great views, amazing live band, awesome ice breaker, almost always good weather, and exceptional company. But with 250 like-minded singles aboard the Golden Jubilee with cold rain and limited views, was this particular episode of floating flirtation going to be a titanic disaster?

The short answer is, no way Captain Pugwash.

There was more dancing than the Rio Carnival, the live band - The Distance - cranked out exceptional covers (YMCA and American Pie were banned), there were a record number of lock and key matches and the demand for the speed dating sessions was overwhelming. The rain even lifted a little for those present to wander out onto the open deck and take in the awe inspiring views of Docklands and the O2 Dome. And for those who were there, that huge green laser is the Greenwich Meantime Marker.

Feedback has been the best ever and - due to exceptional demand - we've already booked our next Lock & Key party, The Spring Fling. And that one's going to be even bigger.

But remember what I said about self-criticism? The demand for speed dating try out sessions was literally overwhelming and some people missed out. So Original Dating have made the whole experience even easier and better. Speed dating sessions can now be booked on your phone showing how many spaces are available at what time. You’ll even get sent a reminder so you don't miss out. The live band and are still one of the best on the circuit, the ice breaker is really good fun and the company is still outstanding. The weather? Judging by the last event, it doesn't seem to matter.

So has Original Dating we created the perfect storm? Probably best not to mention storms when reviewing boat parties, but I'm confident the next one is going to be even better. The question is, are you going to be there to test this claim?

Full details of our next lock and key party are here. Book now, it wouldn't be the same without you.