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Event Report: The Spring Fling Party - April 2015

Thursday April 23, 2015

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There’s something special about spring. I don’t know if it’s the taste of things to come following all the rain of winter, or simply the idea of new beginnings. Either way, our Spring Fling 2015 certainly ushered in the new season with style.

The annual Original Dating Spring Fling is one of London's biggest dating parties of the year. We welcomed almost 300 guests for this lock and key party with an equal mix of guys and girls in attendance. At 8pm guests began to surge through the doors and the party was in full swing from the start.

This was our first event at The Anthologist. A bar we were particularly excited to partner with. The bar staff here are excellent (quick at serving), and the room is ideally spacious for a large crowd like this.

Lock and key provides the perfect icebreaker. It's lots of fun and makes it effortless to meet new people.

There were soon plenty of lock and key matches so there were a lot of contenders for our Champagne prize draw. As always, people took to the ice breaker with gusto. It’s always gratifying to know that people are willing to step up and have fun rather than indulge in an awkward ‘school disco’ approach so big thank you to all who came. You really do get out what you put in at dating events.

We also staged five speed dating sessions over the course of the night. These are ten date taster sessions and they add another great dimension to the night. We're the only company to offer real-time online session booking for these making it easy to secure your place.

As the drinks flowed and new connections were made things really kicked up a gear when our house band started playing. Mingling quickly became dancing and people seemed to be having an amazing time.

Of course, we can supply a great venue, perfect ice breakers and entertainment to suit almost all tastes but it really is our guests that make our nights so special.

Meeting such a relaxed crowd of people was a real pleasure. There was of course plenty of flirtation but the conversation flowed wonderfully, the vibe was one of relaxed indulgence and there were plenty of people who carried on elsewhere together after the official evening had ended.

After the event our unique Mixeo app also came into its own. It allows everyone to select the people they want to see again, post event and allows messaging between people that mutually match.

While it’s great being the only company to offer such cutting edge technology, it’s particularly gratifying to see people utilise it so well and so many matches result from it.

What a night.

If you missed out, don’t worry, we still run up to eight speed date events a week, we’re introducing a raft of new nights – including monthly quiz dating, literary speed dating and some more quirky events that are sure to pique your interest - and, with summer just around the corner and demand so high, we’ve already released tickets to our next big party – Mingle at the Mal on Saturday May 16, 2015. If you're single you'd be mad to miss it.

Find out more about Mingle at The Mal here.

Until next time,

The Original Dating Team