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Event Report - Rock The Boat 2015!

Monday August 3, 2015

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240 single revellers, 24 degrees, plenty of sunshine and a one of the finest river cruises in London. This was Saturday afternoon’s Rock The Boat Party 2015.

Granted we run plenty of events throughout the year but, Valentine’s aside, this is easily our most hotly anticipated party and it’s testament to the revelrous tendencies of those who attended that it was such an amazing success.

This was the fastest selling event to date and the afternoon reflected peoples eagerness to get on board.

Notwithstanding a few last minute arrivals, we headed up river to Parliament just after 2pm before turning downstream to take in some of the most iconic river views the city has to offer – all the way out to the Millennium Dome.

Lock & Key was our ice breaker with bottles of bubbly as prizes and given that we had over 320 matches it’s safe to say people really got into the swing of things. That’s a lot of mingling.

If you’re not familiar with lock and key, it’s the perfect way to get large groups of people chatting without awkward moments.

Guys get 2 keys and girls get a lock. People then mingle and see who they can unlock. Once a match is found, couples are entered into a prize draw, get another lock and key, and off they go again. And with 6 bottles of bubbly on offer, competition was fierce.

Add to this our mini speed date try out sessions on the lower deck, an amazing summer sound track and a sun deck big enough to hold the entire party and we had what can only be
described as one of our most successful parties yet.

And yes there was the requisite post party school disco style snogging in the corner from a few of our more eager guests.

Plus, many joined us for an impromptu after party which we’re blaming for the hangovers.

Don’t worry if you missed out. Okay, it was the best party of the year and crazily good fun but they’ll be quite a few more big events before things get chilly. Stay tuned to to see what’s coming up.

In the meantime, why not try one of our many themed speed dating events or midweek socials. As for us, we have just one day’s rest to tend to our slightly sore heads before heading into another busy week of dating events.

We can’t wait to see you soon.