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John’s Top 8 Travel Bug Destinations

Tuesday September 22, 2015

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With just one day to go until our next Travel Bug Speed Dating I thought it was about time we looked at some of the most romantic travel destinations around the world. Tomorrow's event is sold out for girls and we have just a couple of male places available. Click here to book and find out more guys.

1) The Lake District, England
I know! It’s in England and Romantic!
Seriously though, 16 lakes surrounded by the highest mountains in England all within easy reach of each other. You really can’t go wrong. The scenery is breathtaking.

Add to this a raft of picturesque villages and some awesome pubs and you’re on to a winner. Definitely a summer destination but pack some good shoes, take an easy stroll through some of the most idyllic countryside in England and wind your way from pub to pub before picking any number that offer rooms for the night.

2) Rajasthan, India
One of my favourite places in the world, Rajasthan embodies India at it’s most exotic.

All the major cities are easily accessible and what cities they are. Take Jaipur, often called the pink city because of the colour it’s walls display in the setting sun. It’s oddly spacious for a pre-modern city boasting wide avenues and a grid structure that makes getting around really easy. Oh and they do great ice cream.

Then there’s the walled city of Jaisalmer. Rising from the desert like Jabba the Hutt’s palace, you can even stay in luxury rooms in the walls of the old town with views out across the desert. Also a great place from which to take a camel trek.

Or if you fancy something a little smaller, try the holy city of Pushkar. If it’s colour and vibrancy you want, make sure you get there for the world famous camel fair.

3) Kyoto, Japan
The epitome of traditional Japan, Kyoto is filled with ancient temples, walled gardens and huge palaces.

To really make the most of your romantic escape, make sure you visit in spring as the city comes alive with cherry blossom.

4) Jukkasjarvi, Sweden
200km into the Arctic Circle this is Swedish Lapland at its finest. Spend a night at the annually reconstructed Ice Hotel before heading out on a wildlife tour through some of the most stunning cold weather scenery on the planet.

And if the cold gets too much there are plenty of sauna’s and hot springs to warm your extremities. Just make sure you know what “Swedish Rules” means before you agree to anything.

Perhaps best of all, Jukkasjarvi is one of the best places in the world to view the Norther Lights.

5) Patagonia, Argentina
Breathtakingly weird. Forests meet glaciers meet mountains meet extraordinary wildlife. The good thing about Patagonia is you can indulge in as much luxury or adventure as you like.

It’s stark, rugged, stunningly beautiful and unforgettable. The ideal place to begin making memories.

6) Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
THE place to view the Savannah from the comfort of your tented private terrace.

It’s all about sustainable tourism and wildlife with game regularly wandering into camp. Plenty of photo opportunities and really informative guides make this a unique trip and perfect to share because once you tell people what you saw they’ll struggle to believe you without corroboration.

7) The Greek Islands
I couldn’t not include the Greek Islands in this list. Perfect beaches, exceptional food, balmy evenings… What more could you want?

Island hopping is the way to go allowing you to sample everything from lazy days at the beach, exploring ancient ruins, waterside indulgences at any number of Tavernas or crazy nights of partying. Not only is it irresistibly attractive it’s also not too expensive to get to.

8) Maui, Hawaii
Extraordinarily lush valley’s lead to pristine beaches which can be explored without encountering the crowds of it’s more visited big brother, Oahu.

Volcanic mountains give spectacular views across the Pacific and their are plenty of traditional villages dotted across the island to educate as you go.

Talking of volcanic mountains, no trip would be complete without a visit to the huge volcanic crater in the Haleakala National Park.

As an extra bonus, make sure you’re there between December and April and you may just see the extraordinary humpback whale migration.

There are of course plenty of other destinations around the world but these are just a few of my favourites. Fancy chatting with other like minded singles in London about your favourites or perhaps pick up some tips for your next trip? Join us tomorrow for our next Travel Bug Speed Dating.