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London First Date Venue of the Week – Blacklock for a Sunday Roast

Tuesday January 26, 2016

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One of the most satisfying aspect of being in a relationship is a wonderfully lazy Sunday. You know, when you spend the morning dozing in bed with the papers (or iPad) before strolling to your local for a Sunday roast and a few pints in the afternoon before tottering off home for a blissful early night.

Indeed, I believe the love of a good, traditional Sunday roast is so integral to any good relationship that it would be daft not use this litmus test on your very first date. You wouldn't want to marry some roast-hater now would you? Of course not.

This is why the news that meat-lover haven Blacklock are introducing Sunday roasts to their already epic menu is so exciting. Opened by three ex-Hawksmoor employees, Blacklock started out as a chops-only basement restaurant based in what used to be Soho brothel. Which is a great conversation opener for any date.

Blacklock have three meat options on offer for their roasts – beef fore-rib, lamb leg or pork loin – all served with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes in duck fat, heritage carrots, sprouting broccoli and lashings of gravy. A list to make any mouth salivate (sorry vegans). You can even start your date off with some grilled bone marrow or wood roasted scallops.

For the best date experience why not opt for the ‘All In’ roast so you and your date can share pieces of each of the gorgeous meats on offer. Did we mention that all the meat is roasted above a charcoal grill in a sensational meat suspension bridge for eight hours? Sounds sensational.

The menu is also home to numerous cocktails, wines and beer. Perfect for calming all those first date nerves.

Of course, the idea of a lazy Sunday roast for your first date has some obvious advantages other than lots of tasty meat. First of all, it doesn’t need to be too formal. Plus, being on a Sunday afternoon, you don’t have to sacrifice your Friday or Saturday night to what could be a disaster. If the first date goes well then you can start thinking about Friday or Saturday follow-ups.

This venue is for everyone who wants to take the faff out of their restaurant (and first date) experience. Menus are sparse with few options – meat and two veg for the win – the décor is simple so not daunting and you simply have to walk in without making a reservation. Even better, the prices aren’t too premium either. Expect to pay £40 for two ‘All In’ options, £4 for extra sides and £1 for sauces. Go a little quirky and swap out the bottle of wine for a bottle of pre-made cocktail instead which is reasonable at £45. First date cocktails are always the first step to having a good laugh.

Give it a try.

24 Great Windmill Street, W1

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