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Autumn – Why this is the busiest time for dating

Friday October 7, 2016

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Let’s get the downside out of the way. As of October 1st, the summer is over. It’s gone. It’s dead and it’s buried for at least another. Six. Miserable. Months.

It’s the beginning of gloomy mornings, fetid tube air, sleet and rain against your window. Think winter coats, wet feet, and unalloyed misery.

You’ll spend the few precious hours of daylight toiling at work, only to emerge into the dark and dank streets of London to trudge home through the freezing rain where, upon your return, you will cry yourself to sleep.

Thoughts turn to thermostats, thick socks and fantasising about far-flung beaches.

Autumn is dreadful.

The profound difference between the warmth of late summer and the autumn freeze, despite its annual inevitability, is doubtless the hardest to bear. 

But, despite all that, there is an upside to Autumn. It’s actually one of the best times to meet someone new – if you go to dating events, that it. And here’s why.

During summertime, there’s plenty of social stuff going on. Festivals, barbeques or impromptu after work drinks outside the pub. And because lots of social opportunities present themselves, people feel less inclined to do organised dating. Summer is the most sociable time of year.

When Autumn comes around these opportunities quickly evaporate leaving a void. Just when you might expect the population to go into hibernation – it’s around about now we see a huge uplift in event bookings. In fact, most events sell out to capacity from October 1st onwards.

To us, Autumn marks the start of the busy season. Some speculate that it’s because people seek to be in a relationship by Christmas. Others say that the human subconscious is programmed to find a mate in time for Spring. We’ll never know.

But, if you’re feeling a strange urge to get your date on – it’s not just you that’s feeling that way.

Right, so now you know that by coming to a dating event in Autumn it will be busier and more effective than in other times of the year – all you have to do is book your ticket. We have tons of events coming up. What are you waiting for?  - find out why Autumn is a great time to meet someone new.

Until next time.