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Offline Dating Party - 200+ People Expected

Tuesday August 23, 2016

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It's with massive excitement that we announce our next BIG event of 2016, our Late Summer Offline Dating Party.

The fact is that, whist technology can bring about face to face interaction, it will never be an adequate replacement for it. Our Offline Dating Parties are the antidote for all the dating apps, hideous online dating services and the like.

In dating terms, face to face, warts and all works far, far better. You see, meeting people face to face saves a hell of a lot of time. No swiping and endless messaging required. Offline Dating Parties are about meeting new people over a few drinks. When you meet someone you like, you just know, and you know quickly.

Our parties work so well because we put a whole load of single people together in a bar. To get them chatting we open with a couple of fun, mildly cheesy icebreakers and then when people are chatting we let them get on with it.

Sure, we have online matching and messaging but that happens after people have met up IRL. It’s actually pretty exhilarating to go to a place where you know you’ll meet and speak to 30, 40 even 60 people in one night.

There’s no pressure. Meet as many or few people as you like. The main thing is, we make it very easy to break the ice and that’s what you don’t get in any other environment. Our parties are all about meeting people and because every person attending know that, there's a super friendly, open vibe.

This is the ultimate event if you're looking meet someone new, fancy setting up some dates or simply want to have the most fun and sociable night out imaginable. With well over 200 people attending, our all-new mass speed dating session and lock and key icebreaker all night, this party simply cannot be missed.

Tickets are already selling fast and so early booking is recommended to guarantee your place. Check it out now!


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