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Netflix and Chill-Crime Films

Tuesday November 14, 2017

Everybody loves a good crime film don’t they? I’m not sure exactly why but its probably something to do with our secret desires, wanting to know what it would be like to break the law to such a degree, to suspend our belief and delve into the underworld. There’s just something cool about it and there’s no shortage of films or TV series in this genre. So I’m gonna pick out three of my top picks and hopefully avoid some of the obvious ones and give you a little mix to choose from.

First up is quite a recent film and it hasn’t taken too long to make its way onto Netflix, Triple 9. This film starts of with a fast paced bank robbery that doesn’t go particularly to plan but somehow the bank robbers manage to get away against all odds. Why? Well it turns out they are all cops. The film slowly navigates its way through the lives of these cops until we learn the true reason why they are committing these crimes and the epic final job they have to pull off, involving a triple 9, an officer down. This has a stellar cast with a stand out performance from Kate Winslet. This fast paced, gripping crime story is a must watch.

The Nice Guys, another recent addition to the Netflix catalogue, this detective film is crime but falls 75% under comedy. These two private eyes who end up investigating the death of a porn star uncover a darkly comic secret. This film oozes class with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe starring and Shane Black behind the wheel, it really does make for a great watch. This story set in the 1970’s which can only add to the slick aesthetic with LA as the back drop, you’ll be laughing all the way to the end yet still be left guessing after every turn.

Finally The Equalizer, this film remake of the classic 1980’s TV series of the same name stars Denzel Washington who is a retired CIA operative. While happily retired his instincts never leave him and he ends up tangled in the Russian Mafia’s business, as they target a young prostitute who he must protect from them. This film is super clever as we watch Denzel use household goods to take out members of the Mafia, with a particularly great ending who’ll be left wanting more and as luck would have it the sequel is due in 2018.

There’s three great crime films for you to get your teeth into without even having to step a foot outside the law. These three films blend the crime genre with other genres to give you a little choice, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


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