THE ORIGINAL DAILY - OUR BLOG : Prevasore’s Top Tips to Beat First Date Anxiety THE ORIGINAL DAILY - OUR BLOG : Prevasore’s Top Tips to Beat First Date Anxiety

Prevasore’s Top Tips to Beat First Date Anxiety

Thursday May 4, 2017

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While the prospect of meeting someone new can be incredibly exciting, it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking! First dates can be stressful, as they’re all about the unknown. It’s natural to be nervous, however, if the build-up is making you feel physically sick and nauseous, you could end up ruining your date! We’ve listed our top tips for reducing your first date anxiety below.

Get yourself in a positive place
When we’re faced with something that scares us, we have an automatic tendency to begin mentally listing all the reasons why we can’t do it and why we might fail. This applies to dating too – when encountering first date nerves, it’s easy to start thinking of all the possible things your date may not like about you. This kind of self-doubt can become very overwhelming, so as soon as you feel it creeping in, make a conscious effort to say nice things to yourself. Tell yourself all the reasons why your date might love you, why you look good, why you’re going to have a great time etc. and repeat these kinds of messages to yourself before, during, and after your first date.

Call a friend for a pep talk
Friends are great supports when you’re feeling vulnerable or anxious.  Give yourself some time to talk out any worries with a friend and they’ll have you laughing and seeing the funny side within minutes. Chatting things through is great for putting everything into perspective, and you’ll be bouncing back in no time!

Try a quick workout

When something’s worrying us, it swamps our mind. By working out before a stressful or intimidating event, you’re channelling the adrenaline into something physical rather than creating mental scenarios of your date in which various things go wrong. Also, the endorphin release post-workout and extra body confidence is sure to put you in a great mood, ready for your date!


There are many ways you can reduce first date anxiety and different methods will work better for different people. Regardless, containing your anxiety is important because a person is at their most attractive when they are authentic and relaxed. Why not try these tips before your next date and see if you feel a difference!


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