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Rock The Boat - Our HUGE Summer Boat Party of 2017

Wednesday July 12, 2017

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The summer is here, its official and you can’t beat London in the sun! It’s also a great time to be single. Why? Beer gardens, parks and heaths, shorts and pina colada’s.

Dating in the summer really is just the best thing since Robbie Williams Angels started getting played at the high school disco, hopefully setting you up for someone to snuggle with in the cold winter months.

With a whole host of dating activities on offer, one you should not miss is our Rock The Boat Summer Boat Party.

You heard me right, Boat Party! If you haven’t been on any sort of boat party then what better time to try one, than a single boat party and no word of a lie we put on one hell of a boat party.

Picture this; the sun is shining, there’s a soft breeze blowing that fresh air and you’re wearing that new summer outfit.

Its 2 o’clock the sun is high in the sky and you’ve made your way down to Temple Pier, maybe on your own or maybe with a few friends.

Your greeted by the incredibly charming, fun and entertaining hosts, outside the Golden Jubilee, which will be your party vessel for the next 3 hours.

Now I hope you’ve brought your sea legs as you step onto the boat with another 250 guests equally split 50:50 by gender. Don’t worry, The Thames is pretty calm!

You will no doubt look around for one of the two onboard bars but notice the other gorgeous guests of the opposite sex, then a smile begins to form on your face and you think to yourself this is going to be the best boat party ever. I promise you it will be.

One piece of advice that I must give you is don’t be late!

When the boat needs to go it goes, and you’d be wise to be onboard when it does.

Once the boat has set off, the party really gets started. On arrival just like our other Lock & Key Party’s, the ladies will receive a padlock and the chaps will get a key.

This forms our main icebreaker for the trip. As we sail along the Thames, down as far as the O2 Arena you will have the chance to meet more people than you ever thought possible all with the help of our lock and key icebreaker.

If you open a lock (or vice versa) come to our desk and get your ticket for your chance to win one of our lovely bottles of bubbly. We do our prize draw towards the end of the trip giving you all that time to get as many raffle tickets as you can and of course get your flirt on.

If you’ve been to one of our Lock & Key Partys before then you’ll probably know all this already but what you won’t know is the view, that London city scape, and the feeling of standing on the top deck in glorious sunshine with the wind in your hair and and ice cold drink in your hand.

With summer hits playing over the speakers, fun and friendly people to meet there’s not a lot more you can ask for.

And the party doesn’t stop there; after we dock back at Temple Pier we always head over to the Walkabout for a bit of an after party because after all its only 5pm and the night is still young.

This really is the best dating event of the year but don’t hang about when booking your tickets because it’s also the most popular! See you on the 5th of August and don’t forget your sunscreen.


Stuart is one of our regular hosts and over the years has become something of an expert in dating. Watch out for his regular posts full of dating tips and advice.