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Monday September 11, 2017

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Is it just me or does it seem like Hollywood has run out of inspiration?

The List of remakes scheduled for release or even to be commissioned has risen over the last few years, this is mainly due to the advancement in technology.

It started of with old films being remastered but slowly but surely it became the same story lines being completely remade. Sequels aren’t so bad but I think filming a carbon copy of a great film is just a step too far.

Some of the films I’m going to mention aren’t even that old, some don’t even require technological advances and some well just leave them alone, a good story will always stand the test of time.

First up we have Jumanji, that’s right, the classic film starring Robin Williams in one of his many fantastic roles.

Now please tell me why Jumaji needs to be remade? Was it a flop? Was it not an incredibly original idea?

Now tell me why somebody thinks that updating the story so that the kids are transported into a computer game instead of a board game is any better.

Or sticking The Rock and Hollywood funny man Kevin Hart in it will make it better.

For starters, The Rock is not the best actor ever, although I do take my hat off to him for how successful he has become of the back of little talent.

One of the first and still the best comedy franchises Police Academy is due to be remade, not even a sequel but a complete reboot with a whole new franchise set to be made.

I’m not really sure what the excuse is for this, its not like CGI will add that finishing touch, not that he needs one. 

It does however have Jordan Peele attached to it, who is a master but I still don’t see the need. I’m not sure they will be able to find someone more perfect for the role of Jones (sound effects guy) than Michael Winslow.

No doubt it will probably star The Rock as well.

Now this one has me just down right bewildered. There are talks to remake the Matrix! What the actual? Its not even that old, the first one came out just before the turn of the century.

This really does take the biscuit for me, it doesn’t just show a lack of originality from Hollywood but it’s also clear that Hollywood has become a money grabbing capitalist entity. There is no other need that I can possibly imagine remaking this film than purely for profit.

Not only is Hollywood hot on making remakes but also sequels, like the new Blade Runner set for release later this year. Sequels I can get on board with, continuing an already great story.

Unfortunately, most of the sequels are an insult to the originals. Finally they have had some success with live action remakes like the recent Jungle Book, and shortly we will have a live action remake of the Lion King using the same technology.

Let’s hope it is as good as the Jungle Book or I’m not going to be happy.


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