Questions about booking our events 

How do I book for an event?

You can very simply book online by going to our events page and clicking on your chosen event. Once on the event details page you simply need to click on 'Book Now' and enter your details. You can book for friends at the same time.

Do I receive tickets in the post?

No. When you book you will receive confirmation of your booking via email and you will be added to the guest list for the event. Please bring your booking confirmation to verify your identity at the event. 

Can I book offline?

Sure. Call our booking line during office hours, Monday - Saturday on 020 7112 5174. 

Why do I have to pay in advance?

We need to ensure that the numbers of male and female daters are equal and we can only be confident of this if tickets are paid for in advance. Please do not attend an event without booking a ticket in advance as we cannot accept cash on the door.

How do I know my payment is secure?

Our simple booking facility is very secure. Your payment is handled by Stripe, one of the leading internet payment processors. See our privacy statement for full details about how we handle your information. We do not retain your card details after your transaction has been made and you will never be re-billed automatically.

When will you charge my card?

You card will be charged at the point you make your booking.

Can I change personal details I specified when I booked?

Yes. Just log into the client area of the website and click the update Edit Profile button and click on "Edit Account Details".

I've made a booking, but I can't now attend the event 

Not a problem. Provided you give us prior notice we can move your booking to another event.

My credit/debit card has been rejected. Why is this?

Stripe, our payment processors are very careful when verifying your identity to avoid online fraud. If your card has been rejected you may wish to try again and make sure the personal details and address you have entered match those held by your card issuing bank. 

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Online and mobile app matching

After you've met everyone, you'll need to input your 'Yes', 'Friend' and 'No' choices into the Mixeo app or our website. You have the whole next day to make up your mind. Your matches are then published at 5pm on the day following your event and you'll be able to get in touch with anyone you matched with via our messaging system.

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