Hundreds of people - one massive party boat party

We've organised a lot of parties in our time. Really, a lot of parties! One of our most popular events formats is our Thames boat parties. We always attract a capacity crowd of around 250 people meaning that you're very likely to meet someone on board that you'll like. Guests take in the fabulous views and London skyline whilst mingling chatting and generally enjoying themselves. These events are so good they're worth staying single for!

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What to expect

A huge group of people is no good unless everyone finds it easy to mingle so we always include our lock & key icebreaker in all our boat parties. In brief, girls get locks and guys get keys and you are aiming to find a matching pair. When you find a match you can win prizes. Some people might think this sounds a little cheesy but we know that when it comes to getting a huge crowd mingling there is actually no better way to do it.

We also offer speed dating sessions on board. These are shorter that our usual sessions but offer another great way to meet people on board.

Amazing feedback 

We're Imitated by other companies but never equalled. Original Dating parties really do rock the boat!

Every year we put on a programme of dating or singles boat parties that normally starts in May and often we schedule events to take place in June and July. These events nearly always take on a theme and in the past we've organised the following events.

  • A Hawaiian Beach Party (on a boat)
  • Great British Boat Party (to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012)
  • Original Dating Summer Ball
  • A Valentines Ball on a Boat
  • Halloween on the River
  • Christmas Ball
  • Murder Mystery

And many, many more.

About our Thames Dating Boat Parties

Our party themes vary however some of the most common features of our boat parties are listed below.

  • 250+ single people attend.
  • Unique lock & key party icebreaker ensures everyone meets lots of people
  • We always hire one of London's best covers bands for live music 
  • Speed dating sessions throughout the night
  • Equal male/female split ensured by our unique booking system
  • You'll meet loads of new people and dance the night away whist taking in the fantastic London skyline.
  • We charter fantastic twin deck Thames cruisers for our parties on the Thames
  • You'll take in the sights from the unique perspective of the river Thames.
  • More dating potential in one night than most people get in a year!
  • DJ and dance floor on the lower deck playing party classics and chart tracks
  • Featuring a chill out and mingling area.
  • Reasonable pub like prices at the two fully stocked on board bars.
  • Open rear open sun deck available with smoking permitted.
  • Meet stylish single people from across London!
  • Events so good it's worth staying single for!

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