Meeting single folk in London can be tough enough. As a Christian looking to meet other Christians, things can be even tougher. When do you bring up your faith and how will people react? And when you do how can you be sure they are of like mind? 

Which is why we've decided to make it easier and do away with the uncertainty. Come and meet up to 30 singles who share your faith.

Central London location, 30 people, 15 dates, one night, unlimited fun.

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More about these events

We have a number of venues in Central London that are on standby for our next Christian event everything is in place for our first Christian Speed Dating event.

Before the event

First things first, you’ll need an advance ticket for our Christian speed dating events as we don’t sell tickets on the door. This is so we can balance the number of male and female participants. Simply book online.

The day of the event

We’ll send you a reminder email including login details for our website. At this point it a good it’s a good idea to upload a picture to our website so people can see you on our matching system.


It’s a good idea to arrive early for any of our events, not just Christian speed dating. Our events begin at 7.30pm so give yourself time to get to the venue ahead of the start.

The event format

You’ll be allocated a seat and your first date will begin. You’ll have four minutes or so to meet your first date and decide if you like them and want to see them again. It might sound a little daunting but speed daters are pretty nice people to meet and you’ll soon get used to it. Our host will shortly signal the end of the first date. At this point, guys move on to the next girl and the next date begins. You’ll probably meet around 12-20 people at this event so there’s a good chance you’ll meet someone you want to see again.

The event works like this until everyone has met each other. Most times we’ll have a break half way through. Speed Dating can be quite thirsty work!

After the event

Afterwards, you might like to stay on and chat to the other daters. Most people do and it's a good way to get to know everyone a little better.

The next day

The following morning we’ll send you an email when the event is open for matching. Log in to our website and you’ll be able to tick everyone you like and want to see again. Once everyone has done this you’ll be able to view who you matched with on the night and send them messages via out site to arrange more dates!

If you’re interested in taking part in Christian speed dating in London then please fill out the form above and we’ll let you know when the next event is planned. Don’t forget to tell your friends and share this page.