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North West Surrey wouldn't be complete if it weren't for Camberley.

The home of Sandhurst officer training college, site of the first ever motorcycling scrambling event, witness to a 1969 rabies outbreak and it even has a siren tested each Monday at 10 am to warn the townsfolk if anyone escapes from the nearby Broadmoor secure mental hospital.

Which is all well and good but not the reason that we're soon to arrive in town.

There are around 40, 000 people in Camberley and it's come to our attention that a growing number are young professional single folks.

This is important to us as we're Original Dating, London's biggest - and some say best - dating events company. Since 2003 we've run over 4000 events and introduced around 110, 000 people - as well as celebrating the first ever marriage of a couple who met speed dating all the way back in 2004. We think it's about time the single folk of Camberley were given more opportunities to meet each other.

Which is why we're bringing you our unique brand of speed dating.

Take up to forty people split evenly male and female in one of Camberley's best venues. Meet each other for dates that last around four minutes with gents moving on after each one. Throw in our unique mobile matching app and the best and most professional hosts in the business and you have an extraordinarily fun night.

It's the most relaxed, enjoyable yet quickest way to meet like-minded singles in Camberley.

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Original Dating - Fun, flirtatious and the fastest way to meet someone in Camberley.