We run busy speed dating events most night's of the week 

Check out our events below and remember, if you don't meet someone you want to see again your next event is totally free. Book now, you really never know who you might meet!

Sometimes we're all impulsive and want to do something right now. You might have just said to yourself,"I want to go speed dating tonight". Fortunately London is one of those cities where you can find amazing things to do every night of the week and if you're single then speed dating can be a really brilliant thing to do. 

Original Dating offer speed dating events practically every night of the week, almost certainly including tonight. If tonight is a Thursday we've got two events taking place this evening.

10 reasons why you should go speed dating tonight 

  1. Speed dating is real life. You meet people in person, you don't send messages via a website hoping for a reply. You speak chat and flirt with other guests and very quickly discover if there's any spark between you.  
  2. You'll meet around 15-20 people in one night. That's more potential dates than most people have in a year and everyone is there to meet people.
  3. Dates last just 4 minutes. Four-minute dates are great because it's long enough to decide if you want to see that person again and not too long if you decide they are not for you.
  4. Speed dating is rejection free. Speed dating participants use our unique online matching system the day after the event to find out who they matched with. 
  5. It's guaranteed! If, in the unlikely event you go to one of our events and there's nobody you want to see again you can claim another night totally free of charge.
  6. It's brilliant value. Most of our events are priced at around £20.00 and for this you are guaranteed to meet people face to face. Online dating for example certainly can't offer that.  
  7. We use great venues. Our venues are the kind of places where we'd want to hang out ourselves. Unlike some competing companies all of our venues are premium. We hire private areas for all our events. 
  8. Convenient locations across London. Our events take place at locations all across London. If our event tonight isn't quite right for you, we'll certainly have one this week that you'll be able to get to easily. 
  9. Extra time for you. With Original Dating it's not all over in three minutes.. It takes us four minutes, but that extra time really does make all the difference to your speed dating experience.
  10. Professional hosts. Everyone that runs our speed dating events were chosen because they are great at what they do. Our staff are friendly, helpful and will always explain everything you need to know. 

Check out our events taking place tonight!