Virtual speed dating is just like real speed dating. Join one of our busy events and a real-life host will be there to greet you. You'll then be separated into dates of two and the first date event begins. Each dates last four minutes and our host moves you to the next person automatically. It's a lot of fun and a brilliant way to start new connections during this lockdown period.

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Original Dating is the leading speed dating and singles event organisers in London and the around the UK. We've decided to bring our unique brand of speed dating to the virtual world as well 

Our Virtual dating events are all about meeting people face to face. Who said speed dating had to be done in person. With virtual video speed dating you will be able to meet 10-15 dates online for 4 minutes each, wherever you are.    

Practically everyone has a phone, laptop or tablet equipped with a camera and a mic so they are ready equipped to take part in our virtual events. Because of social distancing and the current lock down situation lots of service providers have moved to the virtual world and Original Dating is no different.

Our online only dating events still feature our awesome hosts and they same crowd of people. Online yes but still very much hosted with a personal touch. You still get to meet people (albeit virtually) for four minute face-to-face dates and you still get to use our unique online matching system after the event has taken place. Our virual events offer so much more than online dating and dating apps.

How do virtual speed dating events work? 

In essence, very much like our standard speed dating events. Sign in and there's a real life online host to greet you on arrival. As soon as we get proceedings underway you will be transported to your first virtual table. Virtual tables offer a ptivat eone on one and you will meet a lot of people face to face but from the comfort of your own home! You'll just need access to a computer or smart phone. 

Pop the kettle on or make yourself your favourite cocktail and then curl up on the sofa ready to meet people over our brand new online Video Speed Dating - think facetime with new people.

What do I do if I like someone? 

Simply make your selections on the website, as normal, of who you'd like to see again and by 5pm the following day you'll have your matches back - then it's up to you when to move it offline!  

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