Speed dating makes meeting people easy. Enjoy Up to 20 fun dates over a few drinks. It's a lot of fun and our events are the best in town. OUR GUARANTEE: We're confident you'll meet someone you like first time But, if you don't, your next event is FREE.


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The town of Basildon in the county of Essex has 183,000 of you lovely people residing in it. Did you know that Basildon was one of four small villages that became one new town to accommodate London’s overspill after the war? Well Original Dating has decided to bring the funnest, fastest and flirtiest way to meet new people in your area!

You guessed it, Speed Dating is coming your way!

Imagine the best bar in town, add up to 20 girls and 20 guys, and that my friends is Speed Dating. Good old fashioned fun and a whole lot of flirting.

And who are we?

We are Original Dating, only the best Speed Dating Company in London. We’ve been doing this for a long time, since 2003 to be precise and we’ve had a lot of practice. We’re great at what we do and we want you to get involved in the action.

We have more than 10 marriages a year and had the first one ever in the UK!

How does it all work?

Its simple really, everyone has 4 minutes to meet each other, then the guys will move onto the next date. Its not too long and its not too short, its just the perfect amount of time to get to know if that someone is someone you’d like to see again. Of course there’s a short break half way through to get another round in, then off we go. At the end there’s no rush, if there’s someone you’d like to grab a drink with after and continue your conversation.

How do I make a match?

We have the best matching system around! You’ll have a sheet of paper to jot down everyone’s names then simply go on to the website the following day and select yes, no, or friend.

By the end of the day you’ll be able to see who you’ve matched with and when you make a match, the fun doesn’t stop there. We have an online chat platform to get reacquainted with your match and the rest is up to you!

We promise you’ll have a great night and have a chance to meet some amazing people in your backyard!

If you wanna be the first to know when Original Dating is bringing the party your way, drop us an email. This is gonna be fun! We also have events in Chelmsford, Essex.