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Speed Dating Vs Lock & Key Parties

Friday November 30, 2012

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With all the different events we run, I'm often asked which is the 'best' one to attend. There really is no straight answer to this but let's focus on our main events: speed dating and lock & key parties.

Of course I'm going to say both. But this isn't an attempt to fool you into coming to as many of our events as possible (although I'd like you to). It's just that they're such different styles and have such different atmospheres.

Speed dating is perfect to meet up to 20 people for that oh so important first four minutes in which you can assess your date's potential. Not everyone is going to be to your taste, but that's the beauty of it. You get to meet people that you simply may not meet in the normal course of your daily life, and the number of relationships that have started between people who initially seem unsuited in uncanny.

It's relaxed, fun and, at worst a really great night out whether you come on your own or with friends. Many people, particularly guys, who come on their own, come back to another event with a couple of mates having successfully conveyed just how much fun it is.

There are no awkward introductions, you keep moving on to your next date, and if it really isn't going particularly well it's only four minutes. Stick around at the end or head home, it's up to you.

Lock & key parties on the other hand are a very different kettle of fish.

They're a BIG events, usually on a weekend night out with between 150-300 other singles split evenly guys/girls. You choose who you want to chat to using the lock/key ice breaker as your way in. Or simply stand still and people will approach you.

You get to win some great prizes and, if the first match you find isn't quite your type, you've got the excuse of another lock/key to head off and chat to others. You get access to some of the best venues in London and there are just too many people to meet for you to get bored. Add to that our regular band The Gremlins and it all adds up to one of those nights that are memorable for all the right reasons.

So the verdict? To be honest, around 60% of those who come to our lock & key parties have been to a speed dating event. And of those that haven't, most will give speed dating a go fairly soon after.

Ultimately the aim is the same. To meet a bunch of like-minded people in a relaxed, casual atmosphere with no pressure and lots of fun to be had. It just depends whether you want your first time doing so to be on a big night out or a more intimate evening.

Either way I can pretty much guarantee you'll want to try more events.

With that in mind, see you soon!

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