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An Insiders Guide to Lock & Key Parties

Monday December 3, 2012

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I have a confession. The first time I ever hosted one of our lock and key parties I was less than looking forward to it. Saturday afternoon boat party, beach party theme, 250 singles, Lock & Key. In my naïve world I could think of nothing more cheesy or sad.

Before I explain how wrong I was and why lock and key parties are so good I should perhaps explain exactly what they are.

Take 200 singles. Split 50/50 male/female. Add a key per guy, a lock per girl (or vice versa). Mix until matched. Once unlocked approach hosts.
Enter lucky dip for host of prizes. Grab another lock and key. Repeat until all prizes gone. Party ensues.


So back to my confession. The event was in all seriousness one of the best parties I've been to. An amazing live band, a well-priced bar, brilliantly organized ice-breaker and the best views London has to offer. Ooh, and occasionally cake.

So why are lock and key parties so successful?

The beauty of lock and key parties is threefold:

1) Large numbers of potentials

There are anywhere between 80-150 single folk of the opposite sex with an equal ratio of guys to girls. Where else in London are you going to find this? It's actually a no brainer.

2) A no pressure ice breaker

You have the perfect excuse to chat to whoever you want and with no pressure to continue talking should your jail breaker not quite be what you're looking for. And people will approach you. You have no choice but to meet loads of like-minded people. And this could be friends as well as potential paramours. And you can win prizes.

3) Some of the best and most relaxed venues and entertainment

These things take place at some of the best venues London has to offer. At worst it's an amazing night out. The entertainment alone is a worthwhile talking point and the venues simply stunning allowing you to party along with a new found group or duck into a corner for a more intimate chat. You'll never be standing there like a gooseberry. Conversation flows freely and a late licence means there's no rush to move on elsewhere.

In short, I was wrong. And gladly so. Lock & Key parties give you the perfect opportunity to meet great people while letting your hair down without having to worry about the drunken sleaze in the corner, the too loud music or the over jealous boyfriend you didn't know existed.

And we've got one coming up very soon. May I be bold as to suggest you book now? The Original Dating team and I look forward to seeing you there.

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