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Top 10 Signs He's Attracted To You

Friday March 13, 2015

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It can be nerve-wracking getting into the singles dating type world. What do you say? How do you act? How do you know if they’re interested?

While there are no hard and fast rules to identifying attraction there are a few clues that can be picked up along the way.

So just for you, we here at Original Dating have been undertaking some serious scientific research to identify the top 10 signs that he may just be into you.

1) You put your left leg in…

Okay, maybe not the leg. But toes are quite important. While chatting, if a guy’s toes are pointing toward you then it’s a distinct possibility his unconscious mind is leading him your way.

2) The Military Man

Shoulders back, chest out, stomach in!

This is both an attempt to impress you and warn off other guys. It’s a territory thing. Making ourselves bigger shows other guys we’re staking a claim and willing to defend our space. We’re also saying – in a semi-caveman way – check THIS out!

3) Vocal Limbo

Loathe as I am to quote ‘Friends’, most us of us have some awareness of Joey’s “How’re YOU doin’?” line, in an exaggeratedly deep voice.

The truth is that us guys naturally lower our voices when talking to someone we’re attracted to.

According to a study conducted in 2010, deeper voices are thought to be “warmer, more likeable, honest, dominant and more likely to achieve.”

A deeper voice is also linked to better reproductive capabilities and an unconscious lowering is thought to be an attempt to communicate as such.
A word of warning. A higher voice is often used when someone is attempting to deceive.

4) Is that a gun in your pocket…

Biology is no respecter of social awkwardness.

One of the key physical expressions of desire for guys is drawing attention to his crotch. Obviously I’m not talking about the drunk clown dancing on the table trying his best to imitate a Michael Jackson hip thrust.

But if a man finds someone attractive, his hips will protrude forward toward the object of his desire. He may enhance this effect by looping his thumbs through his belt loops thus ‘pointing’ to his um… manhood. The same effect is created with hands in pockets but with thumbs visible pointing to the same area.

5) The eye(brows) have it

Both guys and girls raise their eyebrows when they see something they are attracted to. It’s a subconscious attempt to open our eyes wider to get a better look.

Just don’t be confused with the rapid double-flick eyebrow raise that’s often accompanied by the line “hey hot stuff!”

6) Head, shoulders, knees and toes (of the face)

If your eyes meet and maintain contact beyond a superficial glance then all is good. However, when in conversation, a drawn out stare deep into the eyes can sometimes be a sign of dishonesty.

If his eyes move between your lips, nose and mouth then it’s probably game on. It’s how we communicate we want to see more.

7) The green cross code man

Another territorial one this one. If he stands, legs apart, hands on hips with elbows out, he’s claiming space but also opening himself up to you. He’s exposing his vulnerable underbelly and, er, man bits. It shows he likes and trusts you.

However, if he takes this stance and then shouts “Flash Gordon’s alive!?” then I’ll leave you to make your own judgements. Unless he really is Brian Blessed.

8) Check out me gnashers!

We blokes generally stop using completely open lipped smiles that expose out teeth from the age of four or five. Unless we REALLY like something.

Squinty eyes, a broad smile with teeth showing, and a raised upper lip that raises the forehead show he’s really affected by what you’re doing or saying – in a very good way. Take full advantage.

This is particularly true given the growing focus on white teeth being good teeth (a myth by the way.) We’re often very embarrassed by our smiles. Make this happen and we’re clearly yours.

Warning: To not rely on this technique at gurning contests.

9) Spread em!

If you’re seated and your date has his legs open, it means he is attracted to you and trusts you enough to expose his most vulnerable assets. Obviously if they’re wide enough to fit a bus then he may just be a cocky idiot but you get the general idea.

While closed legs and knees or toes pointing away may just be a sign of nervousness, don’t ignore the square on, slightly ajar pins. It’s one of the most difficult signals to fake properly.

1) Are you lookin’ at me? Again?

At some point in the evening you’ll part company. It may be at the end of a speed date. Perhaps one of you needs the loo or drinks need to be bought.

Whatever the reason, if, as he walks away he turns to steal an extra glance, you can be almost certain that he’s into you.

So if, after seeing all these signs, you’re pretty sure it’s on, the only question left to ask yourself is: Are you attracted to him!?

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