THE ORIGINAL DAILY - OUR BLOG : Just 4 Days Remain – It’s Decision Time THE ORIGINAL DAILY - OUR BLOG : Just 4 Days Remain – It’s Decision Time

Just 4 Days Remain – It’s Decision Time

Tuesday July 28, 2015

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As I write this, we have just four days until our biggest and most anticipated event of the year – Rock The Boat 2015.

The Golden Sunrise - our craft for the afternoon - is booked; cocktail ingredients are being stocked; playlists are being constructed; the poop deck is being pooped and the captain is polishing his brass bits.

We had a chat with certain authorities and came to an agreement that a dry 22 degrees would be ideal with a gentle WSW wind. Mixeo has been primed, speed dating place cards printed and hosts defrosted from stasis in which they are stored between events – just to keep them fresh you understand.

In short, we’re ready. The question is, are you?

So this is a warning of sorts.

There aren’t many tickets left. We have over 100 single ladies already booked and we expect this to increase. We have a handful of guys tickets remaining. They will sell. They always do. It’s just normally a mad rush in the last 48 hours which leaves many disappointed.

So the question is, do you want to be stuck in a bar with the same friends, drinking the same drink staring drunkenly at the same strangers you’ll never actually speak to before eating the same kebab which will stain the same shirt when you fall asleep with it in the same armchair while watching Sexcetera?

Well do you?

The alternative is avoid the rush and book your ticket now.

Lock and key ice breaker with plenty of prizes, mini speed date try out sessions, cracking summer tunes in the background, the most iconic views of London, great drinks… What are you waiting for?

Oh, I nearly forgot. 125 people of the opposite sex who are all single, like-minded Londoners.

You’re guaranteed to meet someone you click with.

You know what to do. Book now