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John Visits The Home Office - And Secrets May Be Revealed

Thursday July 30, 2015

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I’m excited.

I wouldn’t normally class myself as an excitable person. Energetic maybe, but not excitable. Yet I’m really excited.

In two days we have our most exciting event of the year – Rock the Boat 2015!

250 single Londoners, Lock & Key ice-breakers (with prizes of course), a river cruise taking in London’s most iconic sites, mini speed date sessions, cracking tunes and fine weather. Exciting right? I’m excited about this.

But it’s not the only thing I’m excited about.

Let me explain. We at Original Dating recently built a secret laboratory where we spend our days researching and developing new ways for single Londoners to meet.

If you saw my blog yesterday, you will have noticed that, from time to time, I’m allowed to leak small secrets into the public realm about how we operate and what happens in this lab. If you missed it, yesterday’s blog was about the techniques we use to develop and train our specialist team of boat party hosts. You can have a look here if you like.

This afternoon I returned from a meeting between Original Dating and the Home Office. We have to meet regularly to ensure that any of our announcements do not cause so much excitement that they become a danger to social order in the capital.

I now have a list of extraordinary developments that I’m slowly allowed to announce over the coming weeks. To the rest of the country, such announcements will come as revelatory. To those of you who read this blog, you’ve been primed.

Notwithstanding literary dating, stereo speed dating, travel bug speed dating, movie lovers speed dating and quiz dating, you will see announcements and leaks of increasing importance over the next 4-6 weeks that will result in an almighty climax of revelatory announcementness so significant it could change the way we perceive singles events in London forever more.

This is why I’m excited.

Of course, you have no idea what this announcement is going to be so I assume you’re feeling less excited and more bewildered, perhaps with a sprinkling of annoyance but hopefully with a dash of expectation.

Needless to say, It’s going to be good. And exciting. Have I ever let you down before?

In the meantime, I dare you to help us Rock The Boat this Saturday. We’ve got a handful of tickets left. Do you feel lucky? Well do you?*

*If you can name the movie from which this quote comes perhaps you also need our movie lovers speed dating. Too much advertising? Okay.