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Monday May 15, 2017

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Welcome to the Netflix and Chill blog where I’ll be giving you the rundown on what to watch on Netflix, and just what’s good viewing in general, whether it be for a date night in or just some good old-fashioned binge watching in bed, just you and a hot drink.

With the evolution of Smart TV’s and On Demand viewing, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. In fact, you don’t have to schedule your life around the TV guide anymore, you are in complete control of your viewing habits.

This is a blessing and a curse, the old ‘one episode more before I go to bed’ turns into ‘I didn’t get to sleep till 3am’ eyes at the office the next day. The problem these days is having too much choice and not knowing what to watch, but luckily for you, I have too much time on my hands and have become somewhat of a Netflix connoisseur.

In this series of blogs, I’m going to give some suggestions on what to watch for every occasion, also what’s hot and new releases.

Binge Watching- The OA. ‘The what’ I hear you say. The OA is a Netflix original series, and if you enjoyed Stranger Things (a must watch if you haven’t seen) then this might be right up your street.

It’s an American mystery drama series about a blind girl, who has been missing for seven years and suddenly returns, with her sight restored and now calls herself the OA. What the f*** does that mean? And that’s exactly what you’re wanting to find out.

She recruits some members of the community to help her out and recounts her story from start to finish and what a story it turns out to be. I will warn you, the first episode is a bit of a slow burner so if you’ve got stuff to do then this is a perfect chance for having one eye on the TV and the other on Facebook, but be sure to give the last twenty minutes your full attention as it all begins to kick off!

I guarantee you’ll stick the next one on straight away.

Rom Com- The Lobster is no ordinary Rom Com, it is romantic (I guess) and it is a comedy. If you like Black Mirror this is like a feature length episode!

This dating satire is set in the near future, where if you don’t find a potential partner in 45 days you will be turned into an animal of your choosing. Absurd, I know, and it is! At first you find yourself drawn in to this new world, trying to figure out the rules until it all becomes hilariously apparent.

The film starts strong, with about a laugh a minute till the story starts to take hold, as we follow our main protagonist David (Colin Farrell), as he meanders through this satirical world riddled with symbolism. This film is sure to make you laugh at your own dating experiences and dating culture in general. By the end you wont know whether to laugh or cry.

If you’re looking for a film to watch for a ‘Netflix and Chill’ night with a certain someone, I’d watch either London’s Fallen or After Earth. Both these films are worth never watching, ever, if you get what I mean.

Next week I’m going to dive into the new category on Netflix, ‘Featuring a Strong Female Lead’ and also some new releases, including one of my favorite sci-fi films.



Stuart is one of our regular hosts and over the years has become something of an expert in dating. Watch out for his regular posts full of dating tips and advice.